Fact File: Have you heard of Yezz Mobile?

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Created in 2012, Yezz Mobile is an American brand of mobile phones (designed in Miami) from feature phones to smartphones running a wide range of operating systems.

Operating Systems used by Yezz Mobile

Yezz makes smartphones and tablets running the following mobile operating systems:

  • Android OS
  • Windows OS
  • Firefox OS

Yezz Mobile

Yezz Mobile’s “Billy” smartphones run Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. The “Andy” line of phones feature Android OS. The “Epic” line are Android-powered tablets, while the “Classic” line are feature phones.

Yezz Mobile devices are currently officially available in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.


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  1. The phones look cool, I wouldn’t mind getting one of them if they can consider the Nigerian market

  2. heard of them, they make mostly budget devices targeted at Latin American markets. same as Blu

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