FactFile: India becomes second largest smartphone market

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Market research firm, Counterpoint, has reported that the US smartphone market, once the world’s largest, has now lost second place to India. According to the report, India now has 220 million users as at the end of 2015, surpassing the USA for the first time. The US has about 200 million smartphone users. It was in 2012 that China overtook the US as the world’s largest smartphone market.

A few other interesting points from the Q4 2015 report include:

1. Almost half of the mobile phones sold in India were made in India.


2. More than 40% of phones sold in India were smartphones

3. Over 50% of phones shipped were 4G LTE capable (this one is amazing!)


4. Samsung remained the top mobile phone and smartphone brand by shipments with about 25% share each.

5. Micromax was the leading indigenous mobile phone and smartphone brand in India with about 14% share either way.


While we do not yet have confirmation of this new position from other leading market research firms, past trends leads us to believe that the figures from Counterpoint won’t be far from what others come up with, and we can expect them to confirm this soon.




  1. It was expected to happen at a point in time,with over a billion people and cheap abundant smartphones it was just a matter of time..

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