The title of this article might have shocked you, and perhaps you already are yelling, “No!” to it. Perhaps you are pointing out the Lumia

Facts and Figures: Microsoft is yet to produce a single powerful Lumia

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The title of this article might have shocked you, and perhaps you already are yelling, “No!” to it. Perhaps you are pointing out the Lumia 640, 730 and 830 as Lumias that fit the mid-range and/or high-end classes. Follow me as we examine the facts.

All of the smart phones that Microsoft has produced have their processors clocked at 1.2GHz. Whether it is dual core or quad-core, all of them. Lumia 430, 532, 535, 640, 730, and 830. The low-end Lumia 532’s quad-core processor is clocked at 1.2GHz same as the high-end Lumia 830. Yes; there are differences. The former is Snapdragon 200, while the latter is 400. The graphics processing unit (GPU) of the former is 302, while that of the latter is 305.

Like I said, differences. In terms of power, minor differences. You do get more significant differences in terms of displays, cameras and batteries.

Microsoft Lumia phones

In contrast, consider that the last great Lumia, the Nokia 930 (produced before Microsoft’s takeover), hit the market in July 2014 and has a Snapdragon 800 chip clocked at 2.2 GHz and an Adreno 330 chip. See how much power the 930 packs. The difference between it and the 830 is not huge. It is MEGA. Same as the Lumia 1520. Both the 930 and 1520 remain the best and by far the most powerful Windows Phone smartphones that you can buy today, if money is not a restraint.

If you are on a budget, well….there are those 1.2GHz processor toys available at lovely prices. Because Windows Phone is well optimised for low-power processors, they all work smooth. I also recommend that you buy those with RAM of 1GB or more. You can thank me later. Good as they are though, just know for sure that the 930 and 1520 blow ALL of them out of the water.

Meanwhile, we know the argument that Microsoft is waiting for Windows 10 Mobile to be ready before launching their next flagship. I get that. And I also get that Lumia at the high-end haven’t done too well in the market. So, basically, Microsoft is following the path that works for them – producing truckloads of “compromise” phones.

  1. Thing is, fact and figures, whether you like it or not, those “‘s******** of” ‘compromise’ phones” have been their biggest sellers. Have the 1520 or 930 sold in comparable volumes?

    The 512 and 1GB RAM phones, even if they’re seen as low end and under spec’d, still run better than some of their Android counterparts. Will Microsoft ever release a device comparable to the 930, 1520 or 1020? Let’s wait and see.

  2. The title of this article actually confused me, because I first thought you meant Microsoft-Nokia, or MicroKia, as IBK would call it. That is, that there were no powerful Lumias. But, yes, MICROSOFT is yet to produce one. Not my problem though.

  3. LOL. I meant no harm with the term “shitloads”, but I see how that can easily be misinterpreted. I have now changed it to ” truckloads”. 😉

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