Since it’s launch in January 2013, the Blackberry 10 OS was made to replace the older OS7.1 with a more refined look, modern interface and

Facts you didn’t know about Blackberry 10

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Since it’s launch in January 2013, the Blackberry 10 OS was made to replace the older OS7.1 with a more refined look, modern interface and upgrade in every other aspect. The Blackberry 10 was made to step things up for Blackberry and bounce them back to when they were top among government and corporate bodies. There are a few things you might not know about this beautiful yet intriguing platform:

BlackBerry 10


Fastest mobile browser in the world: Yes!! the official browser app on Blackberry 10 devices is the fastest in the world. Researches have been carried out multiple times to prove it. Opera Mini and iOs Safari browser don’t even come close.


GLO BIS still rocks here: In case you haven’t heard, the GLO Co-Month plan that offers 3GB for N1000 still works on Blackberry 10 devices. In fact it has been working for close to 2 years now. With a sweet option of rolling over data, seriously, “What more can a man ask for”?


Google Play Store support: Did you know? There’s a Google Play Store client for Blackberry 10 devices called Snap. Installing it on your device can be a bit tricky (See full tutorial HERE ) . But when successful, you have unfettered access to Google Play Store, you can then proceed to download any app you want. See screenshot.

Snap Meanwhile you can still side load and run Android apk files if you can’t get Snap.


The 4.5 inch wide screen of the Blackberry Passport has been used to view a full X-ray picture of a human lung, with every part clear and visible (without scrolling) as such it is highly recommended for doctors.

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  1. The Google play store and fast browsing functionality are my favourites. Atleast I enjoy a fast internet browsing from Glo and easy access to Playstore apps. Nice BB 10 os review.

  2. I’ve been fighting with my inner self on the urge to purchase a Blackberry passport but your number 4 point just killed it for me…. now I’m almost sold, the problem is that I have another BB10 device with important files scattered everywhere on it. And I heard the camera is not too good compared to other flagship devices and as a doctor you want your pictures on “fleek”.

  3. An excellent piece.Totally agreed with you.Reason why i still cling to my BB despite some contrary opinions.

  4. Blackberry did a lot on OS 10, certainly more than we give them credit for. At least I know it is one of the most efficient mobile devices out there & I assure you that you can’t go wrong with one.

  5. Hmmm…
    FACT: 5
    Accessing Play Store in that way violates Google’s Terms Of Use.

  6. Google will no doubt continue to try and plug the holes and developers will continue to try and exploit it.

    For those who want to switch from Android but still utilize the apps they may have paid for on the Play Store, I can’t begrudge them using a workaround.

  7. opera mini ain’t fast for shii… but after all’s been said and done, still story for the gods

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