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If you encounter a password-protected WiFi network and you don’t have the password, there’s not much you can do. You’re locked out of that network unless you can find out the password. However, there are some apps around that claim to hack WiFi password. The apps published below do not fall within that category. These fake WiFi password hacking apps are marketed as prank apps; they don’t actually hack into WiFi networks.

Note that in some places, you might be arrested if you actually try to hack WiFi connections. Also, remember that these apps are joke apps. You will not be able to hack wifi password with any of them. So, without further ado, we present the most popular fake WiFi password hacking apps.

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The Most Popular Fake WiFi Password Hacking Apps

  1. WiFi Password Hacker Prank: This is a user-friendly app that shows you a password to a WiFi network. Just select a network and allow the app to scan. It brings up a password after a little while.
  2. WiFi Password (Root): This app memorizes all WiFi passwords in the configuration. Anytime the password is changed, the app notifies you. Note that thi app might malfunction on Android 6.0.
  3. Joker WiFi Hack: This app scans networks and quickly generates passwords.
  4. WiFi Chua: This app was launched in Vietnam in 2016. In addition to its password-generating function, it helps you find free WiFi.

More Fake WiFi Hacker Apps

Other similar apps include:

  1. Hack WiFi Password 2017 Prank
  2. Hack WiFi Password 2016
  3. WiFi Password 2017
  4. Anonymous – Hacking OS

Again, note that these apps do not actually hack WiFi passwords. The developers of these apps make that abundantly clear. The apps are just for fun. Also, you could learn a thing or two about how your WiFi security works.

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