The fastest way to get a good Nokia smartphone to market

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Every Nokia enthusiast is hoping to see a good Nokia smartphone in the market this year. In the last few days, the grapevine has been awash with supposed press renders of the upcoming Android-powered Nokia smartphone. Have a look:

Nokia P1 pres render

There is no official verification of this yet, but that won’t stop us from having some fun with the development. What may not be so obvious to many observers is that the above images looks like a Nokia branded Sharp P1. Yup. Now, let us link the dots together.

Fastest Route To A Good Nokia Smartphone in 2016

There was that story about Microsft leasing the Nokia brand to Foxconn. Then Nokia granted HMD an exclusive global license to create Nokia-branded mobile devices. Then Microsoft sold its feature phone business (part of what it acquired from Nokia years ago) to Foxconn and HMD. Are you following the dots?

In other words, in partnership with Foxconn, HMD will be manufacturing Nokia phones from now. Aha! But what has Sharp got to do with all of this? Easy. In April 2016, Foxconn acquired Sharp Electronics. Tara! So, perhaps the easiest and fastest way to get a good Nokia-branded smartphone to the market is to rebrand something from Sharp. Most likely, there will be software customisations to distinguish the two products.

How Good Is The Sharp P1?

This is what the Sharp P1 looks like:

goo Nokia smartphone

How good it is? 5.3-inch, Corning Gorilla Glass 4, quad-core 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 820 processor, Adreno 530 graphics processing unit, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, 23 megapixel camera level of good. Which is really good. Now, let’s say HMD bumps the cores from four to eight, tweaks the Android 6 Marshmallow software, and tweaks the camera performance, perhaps we will not have a good Nokia smartphone, but an amazingly good Nokia smartphone to look forward to this year!

But all of the above will happen only if the alleged press renders that we have are authentic. We can only wait. 3rd Quarter 2016 is here already.

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