Question: What was special about Mobility Rave? The venue was. Best Western Plus Lagos Ikeja is special. The ambience. The great service. The DJ was.

Feast on these few photos from Mobility Rave!

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Question: What was special about Mobility Rave?

The venue was. Best Western Plus Lagos Ikeja is special. The ambience. The great service.

The DJ was. DJ Cypha pumped out music that everyone found difficult to resist.

The participants were. Everybody let down their guards and just let go. There was much good music, much laughter, and much dance. It was fun all the way.

Best Western plus
Best Western Plus, Allen avenue, Ikeja.

Excuse me dance imagervet and nick
L-R: Musa, Mark Redguard of Spinlet, and Nike. “Excuse me, dance,”she said. What or who was he pointing at?

Jesse powering up
Jesse Oguntimehin on steroids. In the background L-R: Kayode Sokunbi and Ajibola Aiyedogbon.

Party people! L-R: Omonzua, Gbolahan, Musa, Oluchi, Olamide, Mark, and Abimbola.

Killing it - Christianne and DJ Cypha
Fine girl Christianne pulled DJ Cypha off the turn table by special request and attempted to kill the fine boy. The boy no ‘gree.

mobilistas love fuji
It was a surprise when the DJ put on Fuji music and Mobilistas went crazy! These people love their Fuji. L-R: Abiodun Thorpe, Ajibola, Kayode (with Christianne behind him), Mister Mobility, and Nike behind him.

back-to-back Mo and olamide
Mister Mobility and Olamide going back-to-back. Kayode’s Lumia hit the floor but was put together again, and all was well again with the world.

14 years award - Esther and Oluchi
And the 14 years award goes to Esther Morenikeji and Oluchi Okorie! These two couldn’t have enough of one another. Honest. We have more pictures of them together.

What exactly was going on here that had everybody’s hormones pumped up? L-R: Oluchi with her back to the camera, Abimbola in the background, Gbolahan Odukoya, and Christianne.

If you are not satisfied with the above gallery, we have a lot more photographs, not to mention a video that is still in the works.

Participants went home with gift cards from Spinlet and Pliris Mobile, and early birds went home with Pliris Gynja power banks. Funny enough, no-one signed up for the dancing competition, so it didn’t hold. Everyone just wanted to have fun without any pressure to perform. One recurring testimony was people saying that they hadn’t had so much fun like that in a long time. Someone described it as Unadulterated fun! We think that is awesome!

Watch out for more articles on the event.

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  1. Seriously, My eyes are pushing me……… I’d like to see more pictures oo, Dem Mobility Group Pipu, Oya start posting your comments the floor is open 😛

  2. Which track got #MrMo&WFL doing the #back2back stylee.

    Awesome shots . Impressed.
    It was worth waiting for.
    That video shud help too.
    Thumbs up to the MobilityGroup for giving the fellas that attended the #unadulteratedFUN.

  3. I don’t see ANY reason why there shouldn’t be another rave this year…jamming pictures! Well done, Mobility team

  4. I won’t forget that day in a hurry. I had so much fun and met so many wonderful people. #MobilityRave pls let the preparation begin for #MobilityRave 2.0

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