There are not a lot of feature phones that can get the average mobilista excited. But we got our hands on one that has done

A feature phone with a selfie camera: Fero F1805 Selfie hands-on

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There are not a lot of feature phones that can get the average mobilista excited. But we got our hands on one that has done just that. At first sight, the Fero F1805 Selfie didn’t look like anything special. Then we found out that it had a selfie camera. Yes; a front-facing camera is a rarity on a feature phone. That changed the picture for us. Forgive the pun.

Fero F1805 Selfie

The selfie theme of the phone is quite evident. For one, the central navigation ring has a camera button embedded – right where your thumb will find it convenient to take those selfies.

Selfie Time

Fero F1805 Selfie

The selfie camera isn’t superb. Resolution is a measly 128 x 160 pixels. The following photos give you an idea of what quality of photos to expect:

Fero F1805 Selfie selfies

The photos remind us of what camera phones used to be capable of many many years ago. BUT for a phone that costs only N4,500, the quality is very acceptable. You have to find other feature phones that have a front-facing camera before you can berate the F1805’s selfie camera.

Flip over to the back of the device and we found a 1.2 megapixels snapper producing photos of 240 x 320 pixels in resolution. Again, for the price, we have no complaints. Plus, there is LED flash to aid low-light shots.

The loudspeaker – located at the back – is quite loud. We were able to listen to music on it. Speaking of which, the phone has FM Radio and music player built in. Nice.

What Of Internet?

The F1805 Selfie supports GPRS internet. That is crawly by today’s 3G and 4G cutting edge standards, but there are not many phones in that price bracket that have any form of internet capability built in. So, again, the F1805 is groundbreaking.

In addition, there is Bluetooth for sharing your photos and files across devices. USB connectivity is on the table too, if you do not mind plugging things around.

More Photos of the Fero F1805 Selfie

Here are more photos of the F1805 Selfie.
Fero F1805 Selfie

Fero F1805 Selfie

Fero F1805 Selfie back

We got excited about this dingy little phone. Sure, it has no great features. But it does extend the frontiers of what feature phones are capable of. It is certain that we will see more feature phones packing more features in the nearest future as feature phones evolve. For one, you can expect to see 4G LTE internet on feature phones soon.

We really do think that the F1805 Selfie is a steal. Fero is on to something. We shall have a full review of the Fero F1805 Selfie published shortly, so don’t go away. All the good stuff happen right here on Mobility Arena. In the meantime, do not forget to check out the full specifications HERE.

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