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The Nigerian and African technology ecosystem at large is experiencing rapid growth on a larger scale, with new businesses and startups springing up almost on a daily basis. Mobility has access to thousands of users who want to try out new services, get early access to new stuffs, and give honest feedback. This makes us a destination for startups looking to get their products out.


Qualified businesses and startups will be reviewed and listed with full profile on Mobility blog, giving thousands of early adopters, investors, tech enthusiasts access to them for testing, initial uptake, feedback to help the iteration process.

For Who

Mobility startup feature page is suitable for new startups, private/public Beta stage startups, and launched startups.

How to get featured

Getting featured on Mobility requires that you provide us detailed information about your business/startup.

Submission Types

Submitting your startup on mobility.ng has three options, as follows:

Free Submission
Free submission sometimes take months to get featured.

Swift Submission
To skip the queue and get featured within 48 hours, we offer a paid option. Fee: 5,000 Naira

Premium Submission
Our premium option takes advantage of the speedy paid option and also comes with extra perks, including:
– Valuable feedback from our team of experienced startup entrepreneurs
– Video feedback from Mr. Mobility himself
– An exclusive interview or feature about your startup published on Mobility.ng
– Creative article published to our over 80,000 visitors and shared across our social media platforms.
– A unique newsletter sent to our subscribed readers.
Fee: 30,000 Naira.


If you have enquiries about getting your tech business or startup featured here on MOBILITY, you can reach me by phone on 09033402399, or by email at mark.afolabi@mobility.ng. My name is Mark Afolabi. If you are ready to submit your business/startup now, please use the form below:

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