Fero A5002 Review: Good all-round budget phone

In summary, if you are in search of a budget smartphone with a good all-round feature list, Fero A5002 is a good option to consider. We got our hands on one and bring you the good, the bad, and the ugly in this Fero A5002 review.

Fero A5002 Review: Hardware

Fero A5002 Review bottom edge

Being an entry-level smartphone, the Fero A5002 has a plastic body. The display is 5 inches in size and it is one of the better displays we have seen at that price point. It is bright and has deep blacks.

Flip the phone over and there is a nice, metal-like back cover. It is removable too, but feels firm. Fero A5002 has the most solid build of any smartphone we have seen at the NGN 20,000 price point.

And, yes; it is a dual-SIM smartphone. No; there is no 4G LTE network compatibility. You do get 3G alongside 2G.

Fero A5002 Review: Software

fero a5002 homecreen in hand

For all its great build and good looks, the software running in Fero A5002 is dated. We are looking at Android 6 Marshmallow here. That is two generations old. Most users will not notice or be bothered about this. The phone performs well.

Visually, there is no app drawer, so you have to swipe horizontally to access all apps.

Fero A5002 Review: Photography

Fero A5002 Review back camera

The main camera on this device is an 8-megapixel snapper, while the selfie camera is a 5-megapixel job. Pictures taken are good for its class. You won’t get anything beyond what is expected of a budget smartphone camera though, so do not expect spectacular pictures.

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Fero A5002 Review: Performance

The performance of the A5002 is okay. There are no disappointments and no pleasant surprises.

For storage of your photos, videos and other files, the built-in storage is 8GB in size. Yes; that is extremely small, but again, 8GB is standard entry-level internal storage. You will need a memory card to get more storage space.

The removable 2500mah battery does a good job of keeping the phone going. Again, it is standard fare. You can get a working day out of it, but if you push harder, you will need a charger in the course of the day.

Final Words

Fero A5002 specifications

The Fero Aura 5002 is a solid smartphone in its class. It is definitely a budget phone that we have enjoyed using. It is one of those smartphones that have no hype around them but provide a balanced experience and can be depended on.

Purchasing one will set you back about N21,500 only. You can go through the Fero A5002 specifications for a tabular presentation of its features.

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