Fertility monitoring apps can help you not get pregnant

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Guys, do you want to have sex without the fear of pregnancy? Congratulations, weirdo; there are apps for that now. Well, technically, they are fertility monitoring apps. I’m sure you must have heard about those from your married sisters. If you haven’t, don’t worry about it. I’m going to tell you about these fertility monitoring apps, but first you must answer this question. What do you have against using a condom? Or keeping your fun bits to yourself?

You know how apps have made everything easier for us. From reaching out to friends to getting dates to ordering pizza, apps have been a major life-saver. Interestingly, there are also apps that can help you get pregnant. You hear that, Claire? There’s totally an app that tells you when to have sex in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant. So stop wasting your time with the random sex-having and download Natural Cycles.

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Actually, I suspect that some of our ladies already know about these fertility monitoring apps. You know, the apps have a special algorithm that calculates the best time to get frisky in order to get pregnant. Basically, it helps the ladies track their menstrual cycles, body temperatures, and changes to the cervix. You have to input some data, like period dates, daily temperature readings etc. The app crunches the numbers and gives you a period when you can tumble in the sack and be reasonably sure of conception.

The fun news is that it works both ways. These apps can tell you when to invoke the beast with two backs without getting pregnant. As long as you used protection or abstained from doing the holy deed during the fertile period, you’re good to go. Natural Cycles, creators of fertility app Natural Cycle, conducted a two-year test on that very theory. They were able to prove without reasonable doubt that the app is as good as preventing pregnancy as contraceptive pills. However, they recommend that you switch to other contraceptive methods once you notice your body showing signs of fertility.

There’s a bit of warning, however. The results of Natural Cycles study look compelling. However, even if you follow the instructions diligently, there’s still a chance that you will take in. The app is not a condom; furthermore, the process of establishing a woman’s fertile period is pretty generic. We all know that people’s systems do not necessarily function exactly the same way. This means that the app could make mistakes. However, what’s the harm in trying?

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