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Hive loader

I came across this very cool Android app, and I decided to share it with you guys. The app basically caches and downloads songs from your Shazam or Sound Cloud app. Here’s how it’s used:

For Shazam :

  1. Open the Shazam app on your Android device.
  2. Tap the button for the app to listen and fetch you the song you want. OR Click on one of your Tags on “Share” and then on “HiveLoader”.
  3. Choose the correct version and then the desired format and the quality and download

For Sound Cloud, the process is basically the same:
1. Open the SoundCloud app on your Android device
2. Choose a song you like and tap on the “Share” button. Now tap on the yellow “HiveLoader” button
3. By tapping on the desired format and quality, the download starts immediately and you will be redirected automatically back to the Sound Cloud app.

Please note :

  • The Hive loader app doesn’t show in your app menu, it just works on the background.
  • This app is not on Google Play so I guess it’s still in the beta stage.
  • I noticed a bug while using it with Sound cloud. After my first song download, the second time I tried, it just fetched a 1kb file.

Click here to visit their official website. Try the app, and tell me what you think. Adios!

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  1. Attempted this for my Z10 running OS 10.2, it failed to install…must require sideloading, I guess…will try that and revert. Had to DL Sound Clound ‘cos I read this post; I prefer Sound Hound.

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