Fight!!!! Blackberry Z10 Trashes iPhone 5

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Here’s a video from Telekom Presse pitching the upcoming Blackberry Z10 against the iPhone 5, feature-for-feature, and trouncing it.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I’ll wait until a lot more reviews are done before reaching a conclusion. Right now it’s a bit premature pre-launch, in my opinion.

  2. The effective trashing should be in the market not in some video clip that is probably doctored to hand BB10 the trophy without a real fight. In a little over a week, tech bloggers all over the world will have their say on the performance of BB10 OS and devices running it and then we will know how much of a chance BB10 OS stands in the market place.

  3. The video isn’t enough to declare BB10 winner. Let’s wait for the release and vast reviews.

  4. Bb is superb. Now that apple is banking on reviewers to bash RIM, I think apple has done some dirty job of bribing reviewers

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