Mobilista, @EmmaEdeh, pointed us at new data rates from Glo: You’ll love the new data plans from #glo 2k = 2.5GB 3k = 4.5GB 5k

Finally 3GB data for N1,000 is here – from Glo!

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Mobilista, @EmmaEdeh, pointed us at new data rates from Glo:

  • 2.5Gb data for N2,000
  • 4.5Gb data for N3,000
  • 24GB data for N8,000
  • 51Gb data for N15,000
  • 63GB data for N18,000

While the first two plans translate to over N1,000 for 3GB data, every other plan there translates to less than N1,000 per 3GB of data. Finally, our dream of seeing 3GB for N1,000 comes true.

You need to visit on your Glo line to be able to see the new plans, as they are not reflecting on Glo’s full website yet.

Thanks to @EmmaEdeh for the tip-off


  1. Whoa! This is Father Christmas’ gift.

    Imagine, for someone that has been shelling out N3,500 for a scanty 1.5GB data from MTN, this is a godsend.

    As it was with Per Second Billing revolution, GLO is doing it again.

    MTN is as greedy and exploitative as their fellow Shylock South African comrade, DSTV.

  2. Glo has its own weaknesses, but their habitual trailblazing in crashing pricing is inestimable.

    Imagine what would have happened if glo was not here to force prices down.. .

  3. If not for their poor data services in my area i would have patronised them. The best thing about glo is that they don’t have hidden T. C like mtn does. Am sure all their data plan can be used during the day without dividing it into day and noght like mtn.

  4. Well done glo. However I will still be cruising the airtel 2k/4gb/2months package for now

  5. I hope after 4 months they would consider extending the promo, i hope you guys are also aware of the 200 percent airtime bonus. just dial *200# and any airtime recharge of 200 naira and above gets instant 200 percent bonus.

  6. This is music to my ears. The 4.GB monthly plan I usually subscribe was no longer sufficient so I upgraded to Always Max (the 8GB Monthly plan) last week. To my biggest surprise I received 24GB. I sincerely thought I had done a number on Glo. My brothers had suggested that maybe Glo was rewarding its major customers. Am currently sharing the plan with 4 other numbers, the thing too much for me.

    My only fear let them not wipe the whole data at the end of the month. We should be allowed to carry over whatever that remains.

  7. Remember mtn still have the smart phone plan that cost N2500. for 4.5gb and doesn’t consume data like glo just did on the 3gb bb data plan go and try it again if the 3gb last you for 15 days. Also mtn network problem is minimal compare to glo. Meanwhile if mtn did not come out with the said smart phone plan don’t think glo would have done this. Well this is a welcome idea from glo if they won’t have different billing on the data.

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