Finally, a replacement for your Symbian smartphone?

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A MOBILITY regular asked me the following question earlier yesterday:

What is a good, non data-chopping smartphone you can buy for someone who can’t tear themselves away from Symbian – and someone not massive hand size like your 1520?

Truth be told, I had given some thought to this in recent times, and my answer didn’t require too much thought. I replied, “Nokia X or XL.” She is quite familiar with the smartphone terrain herself – a mobile propeller head like myself. So, I wasn’t surprised when she responded with, “I was thinking that.”

App Sizes and Updates

One of the factors that gave Symbian OS and legacy BlackBerry OS their data consumption edge was that the apps had small footprints. They were small in size, so frequent app updates didn’t eat up a lot of data. X-specific apps curated by Nokia have a smaller footprint than standard Android apps.

Data Compression

Data consumption on the X has also been on the moderate side. This is especially pronounced if you do a lot of web browsing; the default Nokia browser does very good data compression. Sure, one can install third party browsers on any other smartphone platform to achieve similar results, but most average users do not replace built-in default apps, giving the X that edge.

Your Choice?

Still, the jury is out on the choice that the enquirer and I have agreed on. If the above question was put to you, what would be your answer? In terms of “data-chopping,” what smartphone would you recommend to someone who is still stuck on Symbian in 2014?


  1. I Told my friends that Nokia X would rule the world they tot I was joking let’s watch. Who likes to spend much on data these days? Well I will patiently wait for the XL.

  2. I would recommend any Android phone. There is a size for every hand. And there is one for all pockets.

    Then point I would point the Enquirer in the direction of apps like.

    My Data Manager,
    NoRoot FireWall

    to adequately control and meter data consumption

  3. I would still recommend a windows phone, reason is that ones your windows phone is put iin battery saver mode no app eats up data even when your internet is on your apps only use data when u open them like whats app, skype and even the app update.

  4. I guessed the Nokia X will be data-friendly and I do hope I’ll not be disappointed. I have my mind on getting one…

    My experience with the Lumia is the same as that of @Marvolio: Using the battery saver mode kills app working on the background such that data-guzzlers don’t get to stay live and I still get my alerts and notifications fine.

  5. Windows phone all the way we all know android slow down under 1.5GB if RAM. why let people live through that ?

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