Finally, BlackBerry makes a really good cameraphone

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Passport 13mp camera

Photography has never been a strong point of BlackBerry smartphones. But finally I can say that Blackberry has made a really good cameraphone. The Passport has a 13 megapixel camera with LED flash, 2.0 backside illumination, optical image stabilization (OIS), and 5x digital zoom. And it isn’t just specifications. Here are some daylight pictures from the BlackBerry Passport to prove it:

BB Passport - wrist
Notice the Bokeh effect in the above photo: I didn’t have to do anything but point and shoot to create it.

Here is a crop of it, so you can see how the items in the foreground are in focus and the shoe in the background faded off (click on the image to view the full sized crop):
BB Passport - wrist Bokeh zoomed in

See the details and accurate colours in this selfie:
BB Passport - headset

And here, a very rich landscape shot:
BB Passport UNILAG

I have owned some of the very best cameraphones produced in the last four years. The Passport produces very good photographs. For the first time, a BlackBerry camera that I feel comfortable carrying around (and I am very picky about smartphone cameras; only really good ones will do for me). I say that BlackBerry has got a winning camera this time.

But then, that is my opinion. What do you think?


  1. Wow! These are nice… especially the landscape shot! With phones like the Passport, I see Blackberry claiming back its spot in the élite smartphones market.

  2. The photos really look nice. I bet the camera isn’t so good in the dark especially when the object is a little distance away. Xenon flash would have solved that for blackberry. I’m still gonna buy the passport sha

  3. What do we think? Unfortunately, not all of us have this phone. I think a shoot out with other OEM flagship will be apt. This will give us a good comparison on how well the camera handles images in many real world situation.

  4. Well, good for BlackBerry. Until you do a comparison with the champs, we won’t know how good this ‘very good’ camera is. Almost every every high-end smartphone from the top manufacturers in the last two years will do very well, standing alone. Only when pitched with other smartphone outputs can you really judge how well the phone compares with its rivals.

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