Finally, Etisalat joins the 3G mobile club

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Etisalat logoA year ago, we had published here that Etisalat was reported to be in talks to acquire the 3G license that was awarded to Alheri Engineering back in 2007.

Good news to all Etisalat subscribers – your network now has the coveted 3G license in its kitty and hopefully you should be enjoying broadband speeds shortly.

From a Vanguard news item:

EMTS, Etisalat Nigeria, announced the agreed purchase of Alheri Mobile Services Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of the Dangote Group in Lagos. Alheri Mobile is a holder of a 3G licence for Nigeria . Management sources said that the acquisition will put Etisalat Nigeria in the position of having immediate access to and full use of a 3G licence in line with the other three GSM operators in Nigeria.

CEO of Etisalat Nigeria, Steven E. Evans, said, “we are delighted to acquire the 3G licence, which is an essential element of our plans for further developing the market for mobile broadband in Nigeria.
We have placed a strong emphasis on offering data services to all our customers from launch through enabling edge on all our cell sites throughout Nigeria . Now with 3G, we can further develop our data and mobile broadband portfolio and offer our customers even higher levels of service. There is pent-up demand in Nigeria for broadband and we intend to be leaders in satisfying it.”

Here’s to more competition for the other GSM operators already running 3G networks, and in particular Airtel whose 3G coverage has been very limited, to say the least.

Full news item: In two years of operation, Etisalat Nigeria acquires 3G Licence

Thanks to Keweno for the tip-off.


  1. Etisalat has been always been fast. Now it had the freedom to aim for- and deliver even more supersonic speeds

  2. During the banking share wahala, you here a term like ‘warehousing stocks’

    how come Alheri was allowed to warehouse a 3G license for SO LONG -without forfeiting it?

    Makes me remember ‘Animal Farm’!

  3. “There is pent-up demand in Nigeria for
    broadband and we intend to be leaders in satisfying it.”
    I kind of believe them. I have using etisalat internet service for a while with little or no complaints. With Edge, their service has been stable and superb. With arab oil money, I can only imagine what 3G would be like on their network.

  4. this is a good thing for Etisalat. My problem is that only those in the major cities would enjoy their services. Those of us in the periphery would just have to make do with 2g or edge.

    I am actually waiting for the day when 2g would be a thing of the past and only 3g and possibly 4g or LTE would be available. The in-thing!

  5. Congrats to Etisalat!!

    I expect very good browsing speeds from them, with competitive rates. This is one company that, at the least, pretends that they really care about their customers via their enviable Customer Service.

    @Eyebeekay – I tire for Alheri o!

    By the way Yomi, can you let us know what’s happening with Mobitel’s “4G” services in Lagos?

  6. Etisalat has successfully introduced some form of vibrancy into the telecoms industry, hope it lasts.

    The 3G acquisition is a very good development, but let’s not put our hopes high, it will not be different from the 3G or “3.5G” being offered in the country at the moment.

    Talking about broadband, what is happening in Nigeria? All the cables glo has been laying, how far?. Was watching BBC Click this morning, True broadband is available in Kenya!!!

  7. Expect further tarrif reduction from glo and mtn in the nearest future…..
    lets wait and see if airtel if will offer improved broadband internet

  8. At last.
    We all expected them to get it.
    This should futher spur competition.

    Mobitel is offering 4G internet and they say they only cover VI for now.

    Men, I must commend Etisalat customer care, it is awesome and fast like Dstv and Starcomms customer care.

    Etisalat says they will roll out the 3G this December.

  9. Etisalat customercare said they will roll out 3G last December.

    Has anybody seen 3G logo on thier Etisalat, thought Etisalat would have rolled it out by now.

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