Finally!! Google Keyboard now comes with themes

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This might sound a little weird and unnecessary, but it is totally worth mentioning. I’m sure that most of us Android users don’t care about keyboard app. Therefore, I can bet that most of us still use the default Google Keyboard app that came with our devices. It would interest you to learn that the app now has themes. Huray!!!


The latest update to Google Keyboard now adds themes. So if you’ve ever hoped for more colors, your dream has come through. There are many colors to choose from : pink, blue, green, white and many more. You can even choose to use your own special image.


To get the new themes, simply head to Google Play Store and update to the latest version HERE. Open the app and go to “Themes”. Enjoy.

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  1. So if you’ve ever hoped for more colors, your dream has come through.

    Come through, or, come TRUE? I need to be sure!

    Meanwhile, Google is simply too lazy regarding updates to Google KeyBoard.

    Rather than giving fixed themes, how about allowing users to pick their colors for the different keyboard elements from sacolor palette (as more serious keyboard apps allow)?

    Is it a wonder it is rated the lowest (4.1) among all well known keyboard apps on google Play Store?



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