Finally!! Microsoft Lumia 535 has overtaken 520 as the most popular Windows Phone

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Lumia-535 pack
Managing Director, Microsoft Mobile Devices, India, Ajey Mehta recently made some revelations. The first one was that the Lumia 535 has surpassed the Lumia 520 as the most popular Windows Phone. This was what the company set out to achieve with its release. The Lumia 535 came with upgraded specs at a low price range. It appears that it is selling in droves in countries like India and Brazil.

A research by AdDuplex seems to confirm Microsoft’s claims as the Lumia 535 is very close to the 520 in terms of market penetration.

Ajey acknowledged that Microsoft in recent times has focused on releasing low priced handsets, as that’s where they generate most of their sales.
He also revealed that the next Windows flagship device will be released after Windows 10 is announced.

“People are looking for signature experiences and it is very important for us to offer those signature experiences,” he said. “We believe we have to offer the best possible experience to the consumers. Once we are ready with Windows 10 and our devices, that is the right time to launch,” he added.


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