Finally Samsung launches their first Tizen smartphone

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After lots of rumors and speculation, Samsung has finally released their first Tizen smartphone. It has has been labelled Z1 and will be first released in India for a retail price of about $92. Here’s a break down of  few of its specifications.

Samsung Z1 Tizen OS

Screen: 4 inches, 480 x 800,

CPU: 1.2 GHz dual-core

RAM: 768 MB,

Storage: 4 GB internal memory( expandable to 64 GB via micro SD)

Camera:  3.1 MP / 0.3 MP

Battery: 1,500 mAh

There’s a host of other software features like Ultra Power Saving Mode, Joy Box -which will allow users stream and download movies, tv shows, and music- that come with this device. Its good to note that Sammy boasts  Tizen is a very light on resources. Probably, we expect it will offer a seamless user experience.

Can they deliver?  Are we yet to see more Samsung devices running Tizen? Is this a sign of Samsung taking steps to wean themselves off Android? Only time will tell. Let’s hope this device will also be launched Nigeria.



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  1. I doubt Samsung’s trying to leave Android. It knows on which side its bread is buttered.

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