Finally, We Can Copy Text from Webpages on Mobile

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Dennis Bournique over at WapReview has put up a news item about a solution for copying text from webpages while browsing on mobile. Of late, the absence of a text copy feature on most mobile browsers has been a pain in the neck for using them for serious business.

I remember that my venerable Nokia 9500 let me copy text from webpages using its built-in browser. But for some reason, Nokia backpedalled and has refused to implement this on S60.

Usually, touchscreen phones such as the Sony Ericsson P1i made copying text from webpages a breeze. But if you are using almost anything non-touchscreen, you are left stranded.

This is why this excellent solution (stop-gap albeit) is much welcome. According to Dennis:

A clever coder who goes by the handle “Cousinisaac” has found a way make web text copying possible not only in Opera mini but with several other mobile browsers too.

Cousinisaac created a simple web form at that makes it all possible. You enter a URL and Mobitol retrieves the target’s text and displays it in an editable textarea. If your phone and browser support copying text from edit boxes you should be able to copy it from Mobitol. Mobitol also lets you view and copy the html source of the target page if you want.

Works well on the Nokia E90. Here are screenshots:
Above: Mobitol opened before any other action. This is on a Nokia E90, hence the wide screen.

Above: After tyoing in address and hitting the “Go” button. You can see text from the specified address showing in the text area at the bottom of the page.

Above: Using Ctrl + A, the copied text is highlighted, and with Ctrl + C copied for pasting in office document editor or notepad.


  1. Olatoye, try out ebuddy, it should work well with your phone. The application should be available at

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