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WatchIt is an app for finding, and following Facebook videos. With it you can easily access Facebook videos linked to your account, as well as view and share them with your friends. The app is available for Android and Jolla devices at this time. The Android app, which is what this review is about, is lightweight (less than 1 MB), the interface is clean, and it is easy to use.

After installation, you will find two icons placed on your home screen (See screenshot). One is “WatchIt” which is the app itself, and the other “QuickPost”, providing easy access to sharing status updates. On first launch of the app, you are required to log in to your Facebook account, and to grant it access.

Watchit Signup

After signing up, you have access to see your Liked videos, TV shows, and Top Box Office movies. Here are other things this app can do:

  • Search for any movie or TV Show.
  • Share videos to your Facebook friends.
  • Search for related video trailers to the movies and stream them from your default video player.
  • There’s a link to the IMDb page for your movies.

Watchit Favorite Shows

Please note that this app does not download videos and it doesn’t stream either. Rather, it redirects the videos to play in the default video player. If you are into movies, WatchIt is a good way to keep in the loop.

Download WatchIt for Android. WatchIt is also compatible with Jolla mobiles and is available in Jolla Store.

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