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Now, you can find medical help and carry your personal health info on you. Find-A-Med is an app that helps you find the closest medical facilities to you. It also lets you store and update your personal health info so that emergency responders can use the information to save your life.

find medical help with Find-A-Med

In browsing listed health facilities, you can filter the search radius from your location. The option for users to add new centres to the database is also available.

Find-A-Med Welcome

Lastly, Find-A-Med has a a Personal health storage feature. A login is required to use it, so you have to create an account. The login is understandable, as it means that your personal health records are protected from prying eyes.

Find medical help - Find-A-Med Search

Find-A-Med is still in beta, and is available for Android OS and iOS.


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