Find out if your Android phone is vulnerable with Stagefright Detector App

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

By now you must have heard of the security issues plaguing Android phones. The most recent case is a malware called Stagefright. This malware allows hackers to get system or media privileges of your device it is processing an MMS, even without your consent. Patches has been sent to Google, and they (including Samsung and LG) have agreed to fix the situation with monthly security updates.

While we wait, you can test if your device is vulnerable with the Stagefright Detector app. This app developed by
Zimperium will tell you two major things:

  • Whether your device is vulnerable.
  • Whether you need to update your mobile Operating System.

To stay protected:

  1. If you receive MMS from someone you don’t know, do not open it.
  2. If you you use Hangouts for MMS, goto Settings and Disable ‘Auto retrieve MMS’

Android users, download the app HERE and share your results.


  1. Since it’s through MMS this stage fright thing will come, I’m not scared. My people don’t know how to use MMS and I’ve only sent one once during my Nokia 3510 days. Any yauyau MMS wey I receive na to delete.

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