This fingerprint scanner works with any desktop or laptop PC

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Some of us own laptops, notebooks or even desktop computers that don’t have fingerprint scanners. Sometime we can come across one that has the feature and get a little envious. Yes, we might argue that the finger print scanner is more of a gimmick, but there is no denial that it raises security for devices that have them. This U.S based company, Synaptics is set to change that.


The company is set to launch a fingerprint scanner that can be attached to any computer through a USB port. The dongle will allow the user to add his/her fingerprint, and also enable the “full use of Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport” (on Windows 10).

Godfrey Cheng, vice president of marketing, said the following:

“The rapid growth of online payments combined with the critical need for protecting access to PC data for businesses and consumers alike is driving the need for high performance biometric authentication. Our new USB fingerprint reader expands our line-up of PC peripherals, enabling our customers to offer consumers myriad options for adding fingerprint sensing to existing notebook and desktop PCs,”

The argument is that one can unplug the fingerprint dongle, and break into any computer using this. The dongle is yet to be launched, though it was demonstrated to a private audience some days ago. We hope this piece of tech turns out great.



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