You might be better off with a password instead of fingerprint security

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It was bound to happen at some point in time. Anyone who has given it some thought knows that fingerprint security for smartphones is fickle. It works well, mind you. But its peculiar nature means that it can be used against your will.

For example, your fingerprint can be used to unlock your phone wilhile you sleep, while you are drunk, or even after you are dead and gone.

On the other hand, your password goes to the grave with you if you do not divulge it.

Fingerprint Security For The Dead

Anyway, Florida police unsuccessfully tried to unlock a dead man’s phone with his finger. As far as available laws are concerned, their action was legal. But people are troubled about how the officers attempted to do this on a dead man.

As far as things go, it is illegal in the USA for security agencies to force you to divulge your password. However, they are well within their rights to ask for your fingerprint. Wahala!

But imagine a scenario in which less scrupulous officers acost a loving person and forcefully put his finger to the phone’s sensor. With a password, however, short of applying torture tactics, no-one can pry a password out of your head.

How much security/privacy does fingerprint security provide then in the scenarios I have touched in this article? Perhaps we are better off with good old passwords?



  1. I’m 100% agreed with this article, only password gives you full secure and protection in terms of locking your phone. Even in death, no one can force it out inside you.

  2. I am a proponent of this.

    Infact these days, the sensor at the back of the phone makes me move fully to passwords

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