Advertisement It was a stormy and frustrating weekend for GloMobile subscribers who suddenly found their lines without service. Service seems to have been fully restored


Fire Incident Disrupts Globacom Mobile Services

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It was a stormy and frustrating weekend for GloMobile subscribers who suddenly found their lines without service. Service seems to have been fully restored as at yesterday evening.

Globacom has issued a public announcement on the incident:


The management of Globacom Limited wishes to inform the general public that due to a fire incident which occurred at one of our key installations in Lagos on Thursday night, there has been a temporary disruption in services.

The fire incident has since been brought under control and all efforts have been initiated to quickly restore services.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused our valued customers.

We thank you all for your understanding and support.

Its good to have our lines active once again, and in my opinion Globacom acted fast in restoring operations. Yes; it was painful while it lasted, but all’s well now.

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  2. Nigeria is getiing better.
    fast resolution with a public statament.
    Men, its was hell for my friends in the office using glo. SOS calls only

  3. @ nwosu…haba the response was fast enough…it has not taken too long for them to restore full operations now..just 2 or 3 days is okay..

  4. You are very right, I can imagine what could have happened to someone that has or carries around only a Glo line.

  5. first, by what media was Glo’s public announcement made?
    Because aside reading it on MN now, all i had were rumours.

    I think Glo didn’t do a good job in informing us about the situation on ground.

    They left subscribers wondering

  6. Glo is acting up again this morning here in calls. No sms. Can’t check balance. Can’t browse.

  7. So far so good. Only hope that glo subscribers will be compensated for the 2-3 days that services was down esp their BIS service.

    Though I will have to hand it to Glo, getting their service up and running after a fire outbreak is not ‘small beans’ at all. Shows commitment and service. Well done.

  8. Glo is more Nigerian centric. And they have their customers at heart. Not the Satan called MTN. If it was MTN, they WILL not apologize or give a public statement.

    Just last week MTN BUsiness Line was un-registered from MTN! it took 3 days for it to be restored. When I called MTN, there was no so much of an apology! I was told my numbers and others were affected that I shod be happy to be back. How impertinent!!!

  9. My mtn line was down for THREE dAYS last weekend and nothing was down about it by mtn so glo is better off

  10. Here in Benin service is still very erratic. Most of the time no network coverage then the other things follow (no sms, can’t even recharge…)

  11. I felt like i was the worst hit, imagine my Always max plan was supposed to expire on that day and i had over 600mb of data left which i wanted to use in downloading some stuff just not to be able to connect. What i recieve was an sms the next day saying your data subscrition has expired. In this case i think an apology isn’t enough but a refund, or am i being selfish?

  12. @Jaykidist
    that is so painful.
    Glo has to do more than appologise for people of bundle plans, BIS and the likes

  13. Kay123,

    I finally gave up on Glo BIS today after it disappeared just as it regularly did before the fire. Switched to Airtel for BIS service.

    PS: I really wish I can go back to carrying only one handset around.

  14. @Izi, I actually heard the announcement on radio,especially on radio continental Lagos,though they never gave any details about the fire incident.

  15. I am just hearing about the fire incident, even before it happened Glo Internet in Owerri was very erratic and they would seems to just ‘put it off’ for no apparent reason. With this fire incident I know it will take one week for services to be restored in Owerri.

    My always micro had 5mb left on it and there was no appology or compensation.

    The real embarrassment was not knowing the scores of my beloved Arsenal on saturday

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