The good people at Mozilla have released version 1.1 of Firefox for the N900. The new version comes with the following features: portrait browsing auto-update

Firefox 1.1 for Nokia N900 is here

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The good people at Mozilla have released version 1.1 of Firefox for the N900. The new version comes with the following features:

  1. portrait browsing
  2. auto-update of add-ons
  3. zooming in/out by double-tapping onscreen, QWERTY keyboard shortcuts, and volume rocker
  4. function to save web pages as PDF files

To download Firefox 1.1 for mobile, visit on your Nokia N900.


  1. I downloaded Firefox 1.1 and gave it a spin. Personally, I do not like it as much as I do the built-in MicroB browser.

    It doesn’t seem to load/render as fast as MicroB. I am also not quite a fan of thee user interface.

    Still, it is a highly capable browser, and if MicroB wasn’t so good, I would have settled for it.

  2. Nice to know that firefox is now ported to the N900.

    @Yomi. I bet your Nokia N900 MicroB browser does not have the functionality of saving a web page in the PDF format. That is a nice one from Mozilla! I hope the app would be ported over to the ios4 ecosystem.

  3. Actually, Firefox has been available for the N900 for some time now. This is an upgrade – and a good one too.

    You are correct about MicroB not having the PDF conversion function. That’s a lovely feature, but probably not one that is needed everyday. I’ll sure use Firefox if and when I need that functionality, but for my everyday usage, MicroB is it.

    If you visit the link in the news item, you’ll find a link tagged “Firefox for iPhone”. I haven’t checked it myself, but go take a look.

  4. If I may add; one clear strength of Firefox for mobile is that it supports HTML 5. That puts it miles ahead of MicroB in this respect. You can also sync your bookmarks and history with your Firefox installation on your desktop or notebook. Cool, really.

  5. Playing more with Firefox 1.1, I observe that there does not seem to be a menu to disable auto-rotate. A slight tilt of the device and the browser flips. What’s worse is that this happens also when the keyboard is extended – which doesn’t make sense. It is an annoyance and a distraction that I do not like.

    In MicroB, the option to disable auto-rotate is there, and I disabled it from the very first day.

  6. Maybe the the version 1.2 would correct this. there isn’t anything worse than having to be disturbed by your device’s accelerometer’s auto-rotate. Perhaps you could reduce the sensitivity of the auto-rotate?

  7. When it comes to desktop browsing, Firefox is the best for me. And if i had an N900 i will be using Firefox certainly because of the sync option.

    Although i am not happy about the rotation stuff cos such things happen in beta.

    And the last news i had about Firefox for iPhone is that ‘we are awaiting Steve Jobs approval’. The say ‘if Opera can we can’.

  8. Firefox on the N900 sure proved ts mettle yesterday. I was carrying out a task on a website with a Javascript drop-down menu yesterday. While the menus did drop down on MicroB, they didn’t stay dropped down, so I couldn’t navigate.

    I launched Firefox and tried the same site, and it worked fine. I was able to get my job done.

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