Firefox 4 Beta 2 for Android and Maemo is now here. Firefox for mobile has been around for a while, offering desktop-grade browsing on mobile

Firefox 4 Beta 2 for Android and Maemo is here

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Firefox 4 Beta 2 for Android and Maemo is now here. Firefox for mobile has been around for a while, offering desktop-grade browsing on mobile devices.

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What’s New in Firefox 4 Beta?

Firefox 4 Beta brings the following features and improvements:

  • Reduced install size by 60% on Android
  • JavaScript performance is improved. Now 25% faster than stock browser on SunSpider.
  • Page loads are now around 40% faster than in beta 1
  • Battery usage has been reduced
  • Fixed problems that would cause you to get a black screen when launching the app
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Improved text spacing
  • Now localized in 10 languages
  • New theme
  • You can now undo closing a tab
  • The native Android sharing system is now used when you share a link
  • Desktop notifications are now supported
  • Finger friendly video controls
  • Content crashes will no longer take down the whole browser
  • Users will now be prompted to submit crash reports when the browser crashes
  • Beta tester tools for Android
  • Faster and more accurate multitouch zoom
  • Geolocation now works on Android


If you’ve got an Android (2.0 and above) or Maemo device and are particular about destop-grade web browsing, point your built-in browser to for your download.


  1. Firefox for life.

    My favorite is undo closed tab and Desktop notifications.

    This is a must try.

  2. a major mobile browser that has just been released is UC Browser For multiple platforms. I am posting this with it. The lesser known but awesome browser…

  3. I syccessfully downloaded and installed Firefox 4 Beta 2 to my Mini Pro. Launching it however returns the error: ‘This device does not meet the minimum system requirements for Firefox’.

    Mozilla says I need 32MB of internal space and 12MB of SDcard are required. My Mini Pro has multiples of those.

    Will investigate further what the specific issue here can be.

  4. @Yomi, lets hope it is not an hardware limitation. If it is something related to software, firefox/SE shd be able to solve it with an update.
    for now I will say UC Browser is the best. Esp on a qwerty phone.
    I have once used it b4 but it was giving too many memory error. I saw in my google alert yesterday that they have released a new version in English and i decided to check it out.
    It is super with enough functions to satify my needs and i really love their copy options.
    @Yomi, please try this new one out on your device and lets see how it goes.

  5. I got to know about the new version of UC browser yesterday & I ve been giving it some spin since morning……I must confess that it is way better than Opera Mini cos of its superior compression technology and speed.
    Plus, it boasts of many features not available on Opera…..

  6. Eyebeekay & bosun99uk,

    Please could you provide the exact link to the new UCWeb browser.

    I was disappointed with it last year, and haven’t tried it again since. I intend to use it with my MTN data connection.

  7. Wow! this new ucweb is totally awesome. The chinese developers really puffed it up. Faster loading, symbian portability, better design, good english, cool download manager. This will come in handy on my mtn whenever glo network fails.

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