Firefox finally ditching cheap phones for higher quality devices?

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Since it’s launch in 2013, Firefox OS has been pushed with the goal of breaking the domination of iOS and Android in the mobile ecosystem and bringing internet services to millions of people who today can’t afford smartphones. This led them them to conceiving ultra cheap smartphones like the ZTE Open and the $25 smartphone.


Apparently, the strategy isn’t working. Here are the words of the CEO, Chris Beard:

Today we’re moving into the next phase of Firefox OS, focusing more on the user experience, and tying Firefox OS more deeply into our mission and our community. We will build phones and connected devices that people want to buy because of the experience, not simply the price. And we will seek out opportunities that align with our relentless pursuit of the Mozilla mission, our strategy of building great products and empowering people, and the impact we aim to have in the world.

There are indications they will now focus on making more quality devices, and possibly support for Android apps. A re-evaluation or change of strategy is always needing for growth of any business.

Read the full details HERE.

  1. I hope they have not succumbed to the superiority power of Android.Why cant they produce the low end phones side by side with the quality ones.

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