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While a full-blown Firefox mobile browser is not yet ready for the iOS, at least iPhone users can now sync their Firefox bookmarks and open tabs with their phones. Firefox Home is a freeware application that lets Firefox users sync their bookmarks and open tabs between their desktop and their iPhone.

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  1. The firefox apps for iphone would have been perfect only if it was a fullblown browser. For now the Firefox home is only a bookmark application for the mother laptop firefox browser. I have never been a fan of firefox on windows. I hardly use firefox so me no get any book mark to sync! My best browsers are opera and internet explorer 8.

    when the full blown firefox browser for iphone is ready, I’ll give it a try.

  2. iPhone and iPod touch users that use firefox will find this app really handy. I am a core user of firefox and believe me the love for the addons I use on FF are like the apps people love about Apple iPhone. One thing I am sure of is that if opera can make it to the App Store very soon FF will with the full browser.

  3. The firefox app would be useful only if you have a lot of bookmarks in your desktop firefox browser. For those of us who prefer Opera and I.E., there isn’t any advantage. I am only waiting for the full fledge Firefox browser. That is what would keep me going.

  4. I can feel you.

    I use Opera on my phone and Firefox on my Desktop and Laptop.

    I would have loved to have all my stuffs sync to my phone just the way I sync between my Desktop and Laptop.

    If Opera can I believe Firefox will.

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