Firefox Quantum Browser for Windows PC: First look

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I dislike Chrome on PC. It is a memory/RAM hog. I am not a fan of hogs. Resource efficiency is my thing. Lean and trim. As such, I stopped using Chrome ages ago. So, when I heard that Firefox Quantum Browser for Windows PC was available in Beta and that it manages memory 30% better than Chrome and that it is 2 times faster than Firefox a year ago, guess who went straight to download it?

Firefox Quantum Browser for Windows PC

If this delivers what I need, I have a new darling web browser. It is too early to give a final verdict at this time. After all, the browser has been out for just a few days. But it doesn’t hurt to share my first impressions with it. Come with me.

First Impressions of Firefox Quantum Browser for Windows PC

Installation was smooth and took a leaf from Chrome: a small setup file that when run, executes the main installation over the internet. Not bad actually.

After installation was done, I fired up the browser. The UI is lean and clean, just the way I like it. My top sites are presented to me when the browser (or a new tab) loads.

Firefox Quantum Browser for Windows PC top sites

The browser offers private browsing, add-ons and extensions. Add-ons and extensions let you add extra features and functionality to the browser, just like Chrome extensions. I am not sure yet what the difference between add-ons and extensions are, but both options are there. There’s a feature that lets you take, save and share screenshots right inside the browser from the Actions Menu. From that same menu, you can copy the webpage link, email the web link, and even send the tab you are viewing to your mobile device (if you are running Firefox Quantum there too)

Firefox Quantum Browser for Windows PC screenshot actions

But Is Firefox Quantum Browser for Windows PC Fast?

Yes, browsing with Firefox Quantum Browser for Windows PC is fast. But then, that could also be because it is a fresh install, no? So, I will give it a few more days (or weeks) and then report back.

For now, I am off to try out the Android version. Chrome browser for Android is a known memory hog too and power users keep looking for how to tame it. Perhaps, just perhaps, some of us may finally find a replacement for it in Quantum.

Want to try out Firefox Quantum for Windows PC? Download Here.


  1. Downloading now. Firefox has been my main browser on desktop and mobile. But since Edge came out, I switched. Edge is so lightweight and fast. Would have loved if Edge was available on Android. Let me try Firefox Quantum and see how it goes.

  2. I have just downoladed the Beta version of the Firefox Quantum browser and can attest to the fact that it’s really fast, though I can’t rightly determine which browser is the fastest comparing this with the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. I’ll watch how this goes in the days to come as I’ll be using it as my default browser.

    P.S. Mr Mo, I thought I’d bring to your attention the fact that MobilityArena is slow to loading both on the PC and mobile,

  3. I forgot to add, Google Chrome might be a resource hog, but I love the fact I can carry on with whatever I left off doing on my mobile on the PC. It sure saves one a lot of time.

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