Mozilla introduces Firefox Send

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Firefox Send is a free and secure file transfer service that is big on security and privacy. The web-based service lets anyone share large images, videos and documents confidentially and securely with anyone anywhere in the world.

Send uses end-to-end encryption to keep your data secure from the moment you share to the moment your download package is opened. In addition to being fully encrypted, it gives you the liberty to control how you send your files.

Key features of Firefox Send

  • the service uses end-to-end encryption
  • you can share and send multiple items at once
  • no login required to use the service for sending files of up to 1 GB in size
  • you need a Firefox account to share and send files bigger than 1 GB but no bigger than 2.5 GB
  • the recipient needs no login to download received packages

Firefox Send file sharing

User options available to send files securely with Firefox Send

  1. set how many items you wish to send or transfer at a go.
  2. choose an expiry time for your download link (maximum of 7 days). The link automatically expires after the time you set so no-one can download it after that.
  3. set the number of times the link can be downloaded from (maximum of 100 times). The link deactivates after it has been clicked on those many times.
  4. choose whether to set a password for the download link, so only persons with the password can access it.
Firefox Send Secure file transfer - share and send large files securely
Send and share documents, images, and videos securely

How to use Firefox Send

The service is great for sending those images, videos and documents that are too large for email (email services have limits on the size of attachments that you can send).

Send is web-based and so accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a web browser. Plus, it is mobile-friendly and so it works well on smartphones and tablets. On any device, point your web browser to and start to send and share images, videos, and documents securely.

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