The world’s first 1TB storage smartphone is here

What is the largest internal storage you have seen in any smartphone you have owned? 64GB? 128GB? Well, those are puny beside what the Smartisan R1 offers. Which is 1TB. That is 1 terra-byte. The world’s first 1TB storage smartphone isn’t even by a brand you have heard of.

Smartisan is a Chinese manufacturer and they have set a record that other flagships will struggle to meet up with for quite a while. How do you fill up 1TB of storage space – and with what? Huge 4K videos? You wil still need plenty of them. But it is doable.

Others Who Tried To Make A 1TB Storage Smartphone

This is not the first time a brand has attempted to put 1TB of storage in a smartphone. The Turing Phone Cadenza promised to wow us with 1TB internal storage, but it never went on sale.

Turing also announced the Monolith Chaconne with 1.2TB internal storage. That is yet to make it to the market. The Smartisan R1 is available for purchase right now.

Acer scammed us with the promise of 1TB “hybrid storage” on the Liquid Jade 2. What that meant in real terms was that the phone has 32GB internal storage and the rest was available as cloud storage. So, the R1 is really the first 1TB smartphone to hit the stores.

Smartisan R1 Quick Specs

To be clear, the SMartisan R1 has four variants, and the top one is the one with 1TB space. Here is the complete lineup:

  1. 6GB RAM + 64GB storage
  2. 6GB RAM + 128GB storage
  3. 8GB RAM + 128GB storage
  4. 8GB RAM + 1TB storage

What Else Does The First 1TB Storage Smartphone Offer?

It is built to flagship specs. We are looking at a Snapdragon 845 processor and 6-8GB of RAM. The body is built on a grade 7 aluminum frame and covered with 3D glass.

  • Dual rear camera: check.
  • Display notch: check.
  • Quick Charge 4.0: check.
  • Global 4G LTE: check.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: check.
  • Edge-to-edge Display: check.
  • NFC: check.

Impressive; right? Very. You will want to own the world’s first 1TB storage smartphone. If interested in doing that, the base model costs $550, while the top variant with 1TB internal storage will set you back by only $1400.

It looks like that will be money well spent too. The Smartisan R1 is a gorgeous and fully-featured flagship smartphone.


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