First BlackBerry OS 6 device – the Torch 9800 Slider

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RIM has announced their very first BlackBerry OS 6 smartphone, the Torch 9800. The device is a slider QWERTY handset with a 3.2-inch HVGA (480 x 360 pixel) capacitive touchscreen display.

RIM also threw in a 5 megapixel autofocus snapper with LED flash, HSDPA, Wifi, 4GB internal memory. Of course, the spanking new Webkit-based super-browser from RIM will be in there as well.

The Torch 9800 will go on sale this month. Unfortunately, that will be restricted to AT&T for now. We also hear that it will be available on Vodafone in the UK at a yet undisclosed date.

Here at MobilityNigeria, we are hoping that our US partners, MyCricketPDA, can get a unit across to us in the earliest possible time so we can take it for a spin.

Thanks to Adewuyi Abiola for the tip-off!

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OS 6 Compatibility with Existing BlackBerry Smartphones
In related news, RIM has announced it will be upgrading certain older devices with OS6, so they can take advantage of the new Webkit-based browser. That’s great news for owners of those devices, as the upgrade will totally change the web browsing experience of users. The qualified devices include:

  1. Bold 9700
  2. Bold 9650
  3. Pearl 3G

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  1. Coming from a reserved company like blackberry, this is an excellent spec sheet, but i really would have preferred a landscape slider.

    I am so curious to see the new webkit and HTML5 enabled browser from RIM.

  2. I like the new user interface and all, not just a fan of slider, i would have also loved if one can install apps on the sd card, like windows based phone, I would have also like a better screen resolution, more powerful processor and most important to me, a native wifi sharing option.

  3. I knew OS 6 was imminent. I have no regrets for not waiting. From all I have read so far, it seems to be a solid device with hardly any serious blemish.
    I keep wondering though, would the iPhone ever have a QWERTY version?

  4. I keep wondering though, would the iPhone ever have a QWERTY version?

    Good question, and one that I have asked too. I would buy one in a heartbeat if it ever became available.

  5. yomi or any expert in the house….i got just a question pls. if this phone is restricted to just at&t for now…alongsie bold3 restriction to sprint or verizon…how come they are avaiable in nigeria at some shops at high prices. please kindly shed more light as i am on the verge of getting a new bb. my curve2 is messing up and i want a 512mb ram phone asap.thanks

  6. Mide,

    I’m guessing that some of those devices were obtained by signing a contract with those networks and then turning around to sell them here.

    Others may have been obtained through other official arrangements with those networks.

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