nTel is almost here!! The rejuvenated NITEL is already keeping it’s promise of launching next month. In a statement made available to the News Agency

The first call has been made on nTel; commercial launch to follow soon

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nTel is almost here!! The rejuvenated NITEL is already keeping it’s promise of launching next month. In a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, CEO of the new company, Mr Kamar Abass, revealed that the company has made its first Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) call. This happened in Lagos yesterday.


NatCom Development and Investment Limited (full name for nTel), claimed the test VoLTE call was made around 3.30pm at their new Tier III Data Centre located on Lagos Island. The VoLTE calls were enabled over a carrier’s high-speed data network instead of on a (regular) voice network.

”This crystal-clear, high-definition VoLTE call was made via an ntel SIM card and is set to be a significant differentiating factor for ntel, as it progresses with the roll-out of Nigeria’s largest Advanced 4G/LTE network due to be launched shortly.

”The successful test call is a confirmation that the key network elements are now in place to support the full commercial launch of premium integrated voice, video and data services over 4G/LTE.

”ntel network is built on the 900/1800 Mhz which are the most efficient propagation frequencies for the deployment of 4G/LTE technology,” the statement quoted Abass as saying.

ntel is looking to work with Nigeria’s other mobile operators and international partners in order to handle cross-network VoLTE calls.The service is expected to be launched first in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt soonest.

This clearly sounds like way better service than what we’re used to. Let’s see how this turns out.


  1. I luv this. I hope it will happen fast . smile VoLTE is kill in terms of cost per kilobytes per second.

  2. Good for them,now is the time to walk the walk and be done with all the talk,we’ve been waiting for darn too long..

  3. Lord have mercy this is becoming boring now. Seriously, they’re not ready for business.

    “Nitel bought by consortium”
    “New consortium will be named soon”
    “Name for consortium is NTel”
    “nTel to bring VoLTE”
    “See nTel’s logo!”

    Now I’m supposed to take as news that the first call has been made? Is this some kind of Janet and John story, that we are being fed cribs and drabs, and I’m supposed to take them as a serious business?

    November 2025 has come and gone, and we were expecting to hear more concrete things from nTel. We’re approaching the first quarter in year and since then CES and MWC have come and gone, along with a whole bunch of SMW events, Christmas, Hannukah, the birth of the Prophet and the start of Lent.

    All these sound bites from NTel don’t constitute a service that looks like it will be rolled out any time soon.

  4. My own be say, open shop, start business make we see whether na Simbi and Ali tori dem dey scatter for man pikin.

    Let’s see what happens with the data promises whenever they decide to kick off, we’ll be here to see what makes them better and whether 4G LTE is not glorified 3G!

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