The first Deca-core smartphone might just be the Elephone P9000

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Sometime ago we announced major chip manufacturer, MediaTek unveiled the worlds first 10-core (Deca-core) processor and we also hinted it will appear on phones before the end of the year. It appears that dream might just come true.

A leak surfaced on the internet about an upcoming device, the Elephone 9000 and details of it’s specifications reveals that the phone will ship with MediaTek’s Deca-core processor.

p9000 leak

This Deca-core processor also known as the Helio X20 caused an uproar after it’s unveiling with critics doubting the performance, consumption of energy, and actual functionality of the 10 cores. Some others take it as a marketing strategy to woo the masses.

The new processor notwithstanding comes with a whole lot of features, maybe till it gets to users then we can verify it’s true prowess .



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