My first experience with a Windows universal app

Tweetium Windows Store PC

Tweetium is a Windows Universal app. This means that it is an app that has been tweaked to work across Windows desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. The other side of a universal app is that you get to purchase it only once, and can download it on other devices.

For example, two days ago, I purchased the base app for $2.99 in Windows Phone Store on my Lumia 930. I was billed 480 NGN:
Tweetium Windows Phone Store purchasing

Yesterday, I logged into Windows Store on my laptop and browsed to the app. There were two buttons – “Buy” and “Try”. I clicked the “Buy” button, and it simply downloaded and installed the app without billing me or requesting for payment afresh.

Furthermore, when I launched it on PC, it carried over the Twitter account that I had set up on my phone. Nice touch. Same app; less hassles.

If you ask me, this sort of thing is a big deal. For this sort of seamless experience across Windows devices alone, I am quite excited about Windows 10 and look forward to using it on smartphone and PC. Tablet maybe.

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