Nokia have announced the availability of the first generation Lumias in Nigeria. My immediate reaction was, “Are you kidding?” That is still my reaction. I

First generation Nokia Lumias arrive after the party

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Nokia have announced the availability of the first generation Lumias in Nigeria. My immediate reaction was, “Are you kidding?” That is still my reaction. I am certain that should I wake up tomorrow, that would still be my reaction.

So these phones are here about a year after launch. Long after even Windows Phone enthusiasts have tired out from waiting. At a time that it makes no sense to be introducing them.

Yes; it makes no sense to be introducing the first generation Lumias to ANY market at this time.

If it is for competitiveness, they are not competitive. Most of the competition offer users more bang for the buck than the first generation Lumias do. There is also the fact that the much better second generation are just around the corner. If I had to recommend Windows Phone, I’d say to hold on for the Lumia 920 or 820.

If it is price, I’d say to anyone, “There are cheaper smartphones from the competition that offer you more. Much more. Take a pick from those.”

Why exactly would I recommend the Lumia 900, 800, 710 or 610 at this time? I honestly cannot find one good reason. Not hype, not value, not cost. Nokia keeps bungling things. Perhaps the only reason the first generation Lumias are getting to these parts now is that Nokia has unsold stock from their North American campaign, and know that for the same reasons I have stated above, these relics won’t sell anymore there. “Throw them at the bloody Nigerian bastards. They’ll buy anything.”

Sorry; we won’t. The Windows Phone 7 party is over.

But then, if you absolutely must buy a Lumia. If your life is going to fall apart unless you get one now, there. Be Nokia’s guest and go splurge on one of these relics.


  1. My thoughts too when I first read the announcement on their facebook page: unsold stock. Except they do something drastic about the prices, i don’t see any hot cake sales here. (In US, it’s now $50 [8 thousand naira only] for the Lumia 900 with a 2year contract)

  2. Mr. Mobility, well written article and points well marshalled out! Perhaps you are saying my mind. Perhaps this article was written in Heaven?

    There was a time that I could have killed to have a Lumia device. But that time has passed. now, I’m just grossly sour and indelibly disinterested in the Nokia Lumia range of products. Nokia actually killed the Lumia Enthusiasm in me when they stubbornly and wickedly refused to support Nigeria initially!

    My global disinterest for anything Lumia even transcends into their 2nd generation devices! I am like the Epic tale of “hell knows no fury like A woman Scorned”. Yes, Nokia has scorned me. Heck, they’ve scorned all Nigerians. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they scorn us again by introducing their 2nd generation devices one year too late again!

  3. we are still making the mistake of thinking everybody is a geek, or cares / knows what OS a phone runs.

    How many people buy phones (and other things)! based on knowledge, cold logic and objectivity? Very few , I imagine.

    Once it is a Nokia, some people will buy.

    Somebody once said, if the legendary musician -King Sunny Ade – knocks two pieces of wood together and calls it music, people will still buy.

    I agree!

  4. I remember a few weeks back when I saw the comment Nokia Nigeria made in response to a lady asking when lumias were coming, I believed what they meant by watch this space was that the lumia 920 & 820 would be available, but no, I was so wrong. It’s just plain stupid to be launching a product that’s about to be replaced in a few weeks. It’s difficult to comprehend, even thinking it is excruciatingly painful, I just can’t bring myself to want to think of trying to think of wrapping my head around this one. now let’s see what next a lumia developer meeting to bring to speed how to develop for Windows phone 7.8, when there mates are busy homing skills in WP8 app development. I don’t get it guys, I just don’t. So next year about this same time we get the 920 & 820.?
    epic fall

  5. It couldn’t have been said better, but we still have some gullible people around, those who will be going for the name of Nokia just like the iSheeps.

    They should be offering them at a give away price of say below 15K.

  6. true, but I expect someone who would spend nearly a 100,000 on a device to at least have more ideas about the product and not just the brand name.

  7. This characteristic tardiness of Nokia in responding to market dynamics is their undoing in the dog-eat-dog smartphone field. That’s what made Apple and Samsung toppled their leadership position. When Apple burst into global consciousness in 2007 with a radical smartphone, Nokia the leader were caught napping. They didn’t respond proactively to Apple’s challenge fast. Perhaps they thought their number one position was unassailable; in a way, Nokia was complacent. Samsung that were second to Nokia then decided to fill the vacuum of answering the Apple revolution challenge. Samsung acted fast in 2010 with the first Galaxy S (inspired by the iPhone 3GS, of course) and the smartphone industry was never the same again. Today, Samsung this year overtook Nokia as world’s leading phone maker, a crown worn by Nokia for 14 consistent years. Sad. One would expect Nokia to have learnt their lessons fast and start acting FAST if they still want to be reckoned with. It’s not enough to make stunning smartphones like the Lumia series; you’ve got to ACT FAST AND SMART to hit market and grab a central place in the consumer mind with aggressive marketing. This is the game Apple and Samsung have mastered so well. Imagine: Nokia announced the new Lumia 820 and 920 earlier this September without stating pricing and availability date. Yet, Apple unveiled and launched their own latest flagship in this same month and customers around the world already have the phone in their hands! Nokia have said their new flagships will be launching in November, about two months after unveiling! How’s that for tardy, sluggish and regressive marketing startegy! Well, maybe the non-release of the full Windows Phone 8 OS has a part in this; but Nokia are already losing ground everyday because they are damn too slow to act on consumer interest! For goodness sake, I have read loads of positive reviews and comments about the new Lumia 920 and I found many people are interested in getting one. But with the pathological lateness of Nokia in turning consumer interest into reality, many would easily lose interest and turn to available alternatives. I can predict here that Nokia will post another woeful quarterly revenue loss results by the end of the year. For one, Samsung Galaxy S3 mopped up the smartphone profits in the first half of the year. Two, iPhone 5 is mopping up the smartphone profits for the second half of the year. And three, the new HTC Windows series are sure going to undermine Nokia’s position on the Windows platform. And Nokia is just bringing Windows 7 Lumias to Nigeria, their assumed dumping yard. Well, maybe they thought Nigerians are ignorant about trends in the global smartphone industry. They are in for a shock. By the time they smell the coffee of rude awakening, Nigerians would have moved on and Nokia would have become a dinosaur for tourist exhibitions. Mr. Mo, you’ve spoken well.

  8. Kaii…. Nokia don suffer. But I sure do know they will still sell some of those old lumias regardless. Especially if it’s priced low. A lot of people still believe Nokia makes the best phones(note I said “phones”). So to then, the lumia with the logo” Nokia” must be one they can use for the next 5years going by their durability. They will surely enjoy them because such people don’t demand much from their phones.

  9. I don’t get it – why do people seem surprised by this announcement? I’m sure I read a few weeks ago that Nokia were releasing year-old Lumias to the Nigerian market. I’ve even remarked as much elsewhere on this blog. Were we burying our heads in the sand and hoping when they said Lumia range they really meant the Lumias 920 and 820?

    By the way Mister Mobility, the premise that these are unsold stock from their North American campaign is most likely incorrect; it’s more likely unsold/unwanted stock from their European campaign, if it can be called that. Imagine North America had the Lumia 900 for months before they finally launched it in Europe. The irony is that the same week of the phone’s release, they announced WP8 and the incompatibility with WP7, whilst still trying to promote the Lumia 900. I wonder…

  10. “Throw them at the bloody Nigerian bastards. They’ll buy anything.”

    Yeah, that’s true. We’ll buy almost anything they come to dump here. Chunk this and that to Nigeria.

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