After the reggae, play the blues: First impressions of the Innjoo 2

You know that music track by Harry Song that goes, “After the reggae, play the blues. The blues, the blues…” I have a version of it that goes, “After the One, bring the Two. The Two, the Two…”

The Innjoo 2 is the upgrade to Innjoo’s classic One, and it is here already. I have used it for about a week now and have first impressions to share. For starters, the One is a tough act to follow. I loved the One. I loved its build and design. While the Innjoo 2 has borrowed heavily from the iPhone’s design lines, I long for the design style of its predecessor. The Innjoo 2 is not badly designed. Far from it. Its metal frame looks and feels good. As a matter of fact, Elroy is head over heels in love with it. Let’s just say that the Innjoo One spoilt me.

innjoo 2 in hand

The Innjoo 2 is very compact and light. It is that sort of smartphone that you slide into your pocket and forget it there. It is cute! The 5-inch display is bright and delivers cool hues. The user interface has been skinned to eliminate the Android app drawer. Swipe horizontally to access all apps – again a cue from the iPhone.

innjoo 2 design bottom

One striking thing is how Innjoo managed to pack a 3,200 mAh battery in this compact 7.3 mm thick phone. Phones that size barely have more than 2,400 mAh capacity batteries. For comparison sake, the larger TECNO Phantom 5 packs a 3,000 mAh battery.

innjoo 2 rear

Another is the dual 13 megapixel cameras – front and back. Plus, there is a proper flash with the front camera! This is different from the flash light thing that other front-facing cameras have – a beam of light like a torch light. This is proper flash: take a shot and it flashes briefly to light the face up. I shall be putting this to test. Will the front-facing camera of the Innjoo 2 produce as good photos as the rear one?

At the back of the 2 is a fingerprint scanner. Innjoo claims that it is has the most advanced sensor around. Maybe I am doing it wrong, but I haven’t been able to get it to recognise my fingerprint once till date. I didn’t have that problem with the Phantom 5’s fingerprint scanner. I shall hand the phone over to someone else to give it a go before I draw my conclusions. Expect me to mention this in my proper review.

Update: We got the fingerprint scanner working, though it has a fair amount of error margin.

Fast charging is here and seems to have worked well so far. While you wait for our full review, do enjoy the Innjoo 2 specifications. Elroy has also asked whether the Innjoo 2 is the the TECNO Phantom 5 Killer.

Now, sing with me! “After the One, bring the Two. The Two, the Two…”


  1. Design-wise, it’s cool. Apart from that nothing special here. I am still skeptical that the battery is truly 3200mAh because Innjoo battery is terrible. Don’t be surprised if the phantom 5 with higher display and screen last longer the the Innjoo 2. Though phantom 5 is way better than the Innjoo One. Let’s see how the fingerprint works Mr Mo

    1. If Fp is uppermost in your priority,innjoo 2 will be ok,otherwise Go for Note 2.Currently been with the device for a week now and i must say its cool,but the only special thing about its aside d design is the FP

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