Advertisement It has been roughly 48 hours since the Nokia 808 PureView arrived in my hands. My unit is black, so basically what we have


First Impressions – Nokia 808 PureView

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It has been roughly 48 hours since the Nokia 808 PureView arrived in my hands. My unit is black, so basically what we have here is a black slab with a bulge at the upper section of the back where the huge 41 megapixel camera is located. The 808 PureView is all plastic, but because of the weight, it feels solid in the hand. It weighs 169 gm. Coming from a 4.7-inch display HTC One X, the 4-inch display of the PureView immediately looked small. That’s understandable.



The 4-inch AMOLED display is only 360 x 640 pixels in resolution, but Nokia’s ClearBlack technology is so good that the low resolution doesn’t impact on picture quality. I have an HTC One X (720 x 1280 pixels) here to compare with, and I have taken time to zoom into the same images on both devices to have a detailed look. Till now, i haven’t run into any pixelation on the Nokia’s lower resolution display.

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 Software Update
The Nokia Belle FP2 update was waiting for me when I went online for the first time on the 808, and I promptly updated. It was a 15 MB file Over-The-Air (OTA), and was done in no time. I will go into details about the OS and user interface in a proper review later. However, for now, The 808 runs smoothly and the user interface is quite nice and up-to-date.


Transferring Contacts, Mail and Calendar
Anyway, I got to setting the 808 up for use. The first step for me with any new device is always to get my mails, contacts and calendar running. Setting up Microsoft Exchange to manage my mails, contacts and calendar on the 808 was easy pie. Everything in that department worked as they should and gave no issues.

My Apps
The next phase of settling down with the 808 was to set it up for use as my daily smartphone. That meant that apps for my essential services and activities had to be available. This was where the decision whether I could actually consider adopting the 808 as a daily driver or not was going to be made. Here are the apps in that category and that I have running on my unit now:

Email: Built-in
WordPress: CutePress
Twitter: Tweetian
LinkedIn: official app
Dictionary: Built-in
WhatsApp: Official app
DropBox: CuteBox
Music Player: Built-in
Web Browser: Built-in
Camera: Built-in


It didn’t take much to find and install the above apps, and in a short while, I was in my daily flow with my main SIM inside the Nokia 808.

Loading My Music
I have a mobile music library of over 700 songs that must reside in my primary smartphone. Getting those files over to the 808 was a breeze. I plugged it to my netbook via a USB cable in USB Mode and copied all in a matter of minutes. As I have already blogged about, audio volume and quality on the 808 is superb, and much better than what my current smartphone, the HTC One X offers.

Copying any type of files over to the 808 works the same way I copied my music files above. Plus, you can also use a Cloud service like DropBox to move your files to and from the device.


A Niche Smartphone
The key to understanding the 808 PureView is seeing how it is marketed as a camera-centric smartphone. This isn’t a mainstream device. It is not intended for the average user. Contrary to the picture that some would also want to paint, it is not targeted at professional photographers. It is targeted at photography enthusiasts. Simple.

As a photography enthusiast, this interesting piece of work appears to meet my needs just fine, though only at the end of the review period can I be sure of that.


48 hours is not long enough to draw firm conclusions about a packed smartphone like the Nokia 808, but I am liking it already, as it hasn’t disappointed yet. It has been a good start with the 808 PureView, but as always I shall put it through its paces over a period of time before drawing my final conclusions about it.

In the meantime, I am going partying with this baby this weekend, and hopefully can get you some really nice Xenon-lit shots of people having a blast. Promises to be fun!

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  2. WoW pureview on point, I love nokia I can’t wait for the new windows 8 series with pureview

  3. Great device… I’ll be trying it out too soon.

    I’ve tried updating two different Nokia 603s to FP2 over the air to no avail. It doesn’t show up in the software update app and when it does, the download does not initiate.

    I’ve read users complain how the updated T9 alphanumeric keypad is unusable, Mr. Mo do confirm if its usable by your please.

  4. biola i have a 603 updated and i can tell u its T9 unusable!! However to get the update. Set ur access point manually urself. U might delete all others and create a new one manually n set priority to one.

  5. The bulge at the back keeps the phone balance for me when holding it.
    I have white and I wish i got Black, though the white is quite good and hardly hold stain.
    The Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 Software Update is 485MB if updated via Nokia Suite. Its certain you wont get all the new features.
    My phone has been faster after the update.
    Its my daily driver and am loving it.

  6. Gr8 post. Well written by Mr. Mobility himself. Couldn’t expect anything less. Really.

    Yes, the Nokia 808 Pureview is a true legend of a phone, camera-wise. In other climes and times, this would’ve been my de-facto phone to adopt. But it would be difficult for me to shell out hard premium cash for a device that has the spirit of a “burning platform”.

    True, the phone will do well for Photography enthusiast, and I dare-say professional photographers too! However, the future for Nokia, pending any eventualities is Windows phone. But it would have been great to try this camera beast. Even if it is only for nostalgia sake…

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