Advertisement The Z30 was love at first sight for me. It is a well crafted smartphone with fine lines and curves here and there. The look and…

First impressions of the BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry Z30 - Pouch - Power Bank


The Z30 was love at first sight for me. It is a well crafted smartphone with fine lines and curves here and there. The look and feel is very premium. However, when the display came on for the first time, I fell in love some more. The 5-inch Super-AMOLED display is gorgeous. Having used another 5-inch device, the Phantom A+, extensively, I had little problems adjusting to the size of the Z30. As a matter of fact, it feels much more comfortable than the Galaxy Note II which registers at 5.5 inches. I have watched a couple of videos on the device, and the quality is stunning.

Contacts, Calendar & Mail

As always, the first step was getting my contacts and calendar on the device. All I had to do was set up my Gmail account to sync my mail, as well as those two, and it was a done deal.


My Must-have apps

Next was to see if BlackBerry World had my must-have apps. I wasn’t disappointed, and right now I have them all installed and running fine. These include:

– WordPress
– Twitter (pre-installed)
– Facebook (pre-installed)
– Skype
– Evernote
– LinkedIn
– Dictionary
– Adobe reader
– Shazam
– Dropbox
– WhatsApp
– Picture Editor (pre-installed)


Basically, the above 12 apps mean that I can get my work and play done. As it is, I am pretty much covered. In my day-to-day usage, all other apps are optional and expendable.

Audio Reproduction

BlackBerry has put stereo speakers on the Z30 and also a feature they call Natural Sound. I wanted to find out how well this works, so I manually copied some of my favourite music tracks to the Z30 on a microSD card.

I was blown away by how much better music playback on the Z30 is. The sound quality and volume simply leaves everything else I have tested in the dust. That sounds like the Z30 would be in the same class as the HTC One which has stereo speakers too, but this time powered by Beats. One thing is for sure, the stereo speakers and BlackBerry® Natural Sound are not gimmicks. The Lumia 920 had the best audio quality in the House Of Mo and it is simply blown out of the water by the Z30’s performance.

If you own a HTC One, and reside in or around Lagos, can we hook up sometime to pitch the Z30 against that in the audio quality department? That should be fun.


BlackBerry has equipped the Z30 with a humongous 2,880 mAh battery and included a 2,100 mAh power bank in the pack that my unit came in. There is a leather carry case, a nice black headset, USB cable and two different wall socket plugs – one 2-pin and a second 3-pin.

Colour me impressed

The Z30 may be late to the party as someone has said, but it sure is not a pushover and looks like a top notch performer. I am one to use and esteem devices on their own merits, not on sentiments about the manufacturer. As far as that goes, I like the Z30 already. A lot. Expect more on the Z30 in the coming days.

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  1. Once a Symbian lover, now a Blackberry addict. But we all now see where this leads you and both companies to. SMH 🙂

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