First interactive Lockscreen app for Windows Phone: Tetra Lockscreen

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Microsoft Garage may have churned out a handful of Android apps, but that doesn’t mean they are not working on anything for Windows Phone OS. Tetra Lockscreen is an app that lets you interact with with your Windows smartphone from the lockscreen. It is the first interactive lockscreen for the platform.

Tetra interactive lockscreen

The app is currently available only for phones set to US region, so to download it, I had to dive into my phone Settings to change my region to the US. After installation, I changed it back. Once installed, I launched the app to set it up and it promptly replaced the built-in lockscreen on my Lumia 930. However, Tetra Lockscreen is still limited in options, giving the user freedom to choose the following widgets only for now:

  1. Calendar
  2. Current location
  3. Activity Tracker
  4. Stopwatch

A background photo can also be set for the interactive lockscreen.

Tetra Lockscreen settings

The calendar widget is the most useful for me. Being able to interact with my appointments from the lockscreen of my Lumia is really nifty and useful. It allows the user pick from any active calendars on the phone, including Google and Outlook calendars.

In use, it displays appointments according to period of the day – morning, afternoon, and evening. Swiping horizontally takes you through each period. Available appointments are listed and can be opened with a tap. The calendars can also display the locations of one’s appointments on the map.

Tetra Lockscreen - current location

I haven’t found any current use for the other widgets. When you tap the current location widget, a map is loaded and it locates your actual location and zooms in to it. Yes; it requires location services being active. I am still not sure how to put that to practical use. The activity tracker requires motion data and measures the distance you have covered. The stopwatch widget is self explanatory. It launches a stopwatch.

I will love to see the app give me room to assign widgets for any app to the lockscreen. That liberty will make it a much more versatile and appealing tool. Still, it is a lovely app, works well and is beautiful to look at and use.

Download Tetra Lockscreen.

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