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Amazon is back in the smartphone business, but in a different way. Which makes sense. What would be the point of doing things a second time the same way that led to failure the first time? This time, the shopping giant is not manufacturing the devices. Instead, they are loading up Android smartphones made by others with their own full range of apps and offering those phones to Amazon Prime Members at heavily subsidized prices.

Sounds Like A Smart Move

Yes; it does sound like a smart plan. Amazon gives users a reason to upgrade to Prime Membership. Amazon gets its apps and services into the hands of more users. Lastly, users get to enjoy some good unlocked smartphones at great prices.

What Apps Are Pre-loaded?

We are afraid, it is the whole works. Amazon threw in everything – Amazon Underground app store, Audible, IMDB, Amazon Video, Goodreads, Prime Now, Alexa, Amazon Music, Amazon Drive, and Amazon Photos. All these are pre-installed on the new “Amazon smartphones”.

Amazon smartphones

How Great Are The Prices Though?

The first of the new Amazon smartphones are the Moto g and the BLU R1 HD. Here are what’s on the table:

  • The BLU R1 HD, a 5″ HD display screen, quad-core processor and 4G LTE speed smartphone, is available to Prime members for just $49.99. Market price is $150.
  • The Moto G, a 5.5″ full HD display, an octa-core processor with 2 GB of RAM and 4G LTE speed, is available to Prime members for $149.99. It costs $200 in the market.

But Users Get Ads Too

But users of these new Amazon smartphones are also going to get ads, a report says. “Swipe to unlock and the proud owner of the MotoG or BLU will see a full-screen ad”. Oh, yes. You’ve got to pay for the subsidy somehow.

In all, we do think that this is a better way to go than the earlier attempt at manufacturing their own smartphone. May the Force be with Amazon this time.


  1. Id rather pay the extra $50 for an ad free Moto G. Is that the G4 or some recent iteration, because it doesn’t read like the G3.

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