First MTN 4G LTE speedtest results

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Fred Akinrelere had the honour of experiencing MTN 4G network first and he got unimpressive results at his location in Ibadan, Oyo State. Here in Lagos, I also have MTN 4G LTE active on my migrated Visafone line and I ran a few tests. I wish I could give you better results, but the MTN 4G LTE speedtest results that I got are no better than Fred’s.

MTN 4G network signal

MTN 4G LTE Speedtest Results Screenshots

Have a look at the screenshots of my first speedtest results on MTN Nigeria’s 4G LTE network:
mobilityarena MTN 4G LTE speedtest 1

mobilityarena MTN 4G LTE speedtest 2

In plain text:

  • 5.55 Mbps download; 7.36 Mbps upload
  • 6.79 Mbps download; 6.0 Mbps upload

Note that these tests were run around 11.50 pm.

I ran this test inside Computer Village at 12.36pm today, Friday. If you know Computer Village well, you will know that it is an internet data black hole. Mobile internet just doesn’t work once you are in there. 10.68 Mbps download speed and 3.68 Mbps upload speed is really good in that environment.
mobilityarena MTN 4G LTE speedtest 3
Of course, the network is in test phase and hasn’t been subjected to congestion yet.

MTN’s LTE network is still on a trial run, but it just might be safe to ask Nigerians not to expect any fantastic speeds here as well. This just might be no different from what obtains on Smile and Ntel 4G networks.


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