The first Nokia phones featuring Symbian Anna, the Nokia E6 and Nokia X7, are now shipping. The X7 will be available in Europe, Eurasia, China,

First Symbian Anna Phones, E6 and X7, now Shipping

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The first Nokia phones featuring Symbian Anna, the Nokia E6 and Nokia X7, are now shipping. The X7 will be available in Europe, Eurasia, China, India and other Asia/Pacific countries, while the E6 will be available in Europe, Eurasia, Asia/Pacific, as well as the Middle East and Africa. As a hardcore fan of the Nokia E71 and E72 form factor, I’ve been dreaming of the day when I could touch both QWERTY and screen – and here it is with the E6.

Get a full run down of the Nokia E6, Nokia X7 and Symbian Anna features from our previous posts, or check out some highlights below…

Symbian Anna

  • Faster and better web experience with an all new browser.
  • The long-awaited portrait QWERTY plus split screen text input.
  • All new Ovi Maps with public transport routes and other enhancements.

Nokia E6
e6 540

  • QWERTY and touch experience offers faster navigation and operation than either a pure touch or keyboard-only system.
  • Direct access to Microsoft business solutions (Mail for Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile and Microsoft SharePoint).
  • An 8-megapixel full focus camera with dual-LED flash 720p video recording and 8GB of internal memory.

Nokia X7
X7 540

  • Huge 4” inch screen with preloaded games for entertainment enthusiasts.
  • 8-megapixel full focus camera with 720p video recording, dual-LED flash and 8GB memory card preinstalled.
  • Beautiful, unique design. Toughened glass and seamless stainless steel.

Symbian Anna Update for Existing Devices
Sadly, for all those waiting for Symbian Anna on their N8, C6, C7, and E7, Nokia has a bummer for you – Symbian Ann will be available for you in the coming months. Months? Cripes.

With delayed devices and updates like these, it is small wonder that the Finnish manufacturer has been forced to lower sales and margins expectations in its key devices and services unit in the second quarter.


  1. well the only part of the update I appreciate is the all-in-one web browser, I hope it will be able to handle unto 6 tabs. Months away! Mhen that sounds like years

  2. Yeah, updates in the coming months … rubbish, marketing strategy or what ? if you can’t wait for months then buy the E6 or X7 huh ?? is that it Nokia ? it’s so embarrassing when I’m typing in portrait mode and I feel like I’m using the old nokia 3310 .. does it make sense ? it’s really annoying for real.. crap

  3. Marketing strategy I?m sure, if not potrait qwerty hs been available on my 5800 for a long long while.. Lets wait and see though.

  4. I wonder when Nokia E6 will become available in Nigeria. I have been using my E71 since sept 2009 and I was about to go for the E5 when the E6 was announced.
    I guess the wait should be worth it, but Nokia, plssssssss, deliver me from this tense wait. I need the E6 ‘yesterday’

  5. i got my e6 last 3 weeks now from fine brothers enugu 4 60k, disregard every bad thing said about d phone in all websites…d phone is perfect as in very nyz 2 upgrade it

  6. @Dikachi, please where is fine brothers’ shop in Enugu? I need this phone badly and I live in Enugu too. You response will be highly welcomed

  7. arome, u can locate fine brothers around opposite aguata mass transit park after state library b4 u’ll reach holy ghost. Goodluck

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