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There are a lot of mobile games on the internet now. A lot of them concern football or soccer as some would call it. However, not all of these mobile soccer games are as popular as the Pro Evolution Soccer series (PES), or the FIFA lineup of football games. However, there are some that are beginning to make a name for themselves due to their intrinsic quality. First Touch Soccer (FTS)is one of those.

The first major difference between FTS and these other more popular mobile soccer games is the file size. Unlike FIFA and PES, which would occupy upwards of 1GB of storage space on your phone, First Touch Soccer takes up about a mere 330MB.

Playing First Touch Soccer vs other mobile Soccer Games

Also, these other games would require your device to have a certain amount of RAM free to play, otherwise you would not enjoy playing them. FTS, on the other hand, can be played with any amount of RAM available, as long as your smartphone has up to 1GB RAM. Furthermore, the game does not require you to be online to play.

mobile soccer games - First Touch Soccer

First Touch Soccer is one of those mobile soccer games that bear a lot of similarities to Dream League Soccer, in all the ways listed above. Similarly, the gameplay is quite fluid and enjoyable. Also, there’s a manager mode, which allows you to sign new players, manage your team both on and off the field, negotiate contracts with players, and customize your club’s stadium.

Now, all these are obtainable from so many other games. However, apart from PES and FIFA, you would be hard-pressed to find mobile soccer games with comparable graphics for the same size as this game. You either have to download a much bigger game, or settle for poor graphics.

Here are the basic requirements for your smartphone to be able to play First Touch Soccer:

  • The game is compatible with Android devices from Android 3.5 upwards.
  • A minimum of 1GB RAM and 500MB internal storage space is required.

Note that this game is not available on the Google Play Store, so you would have to download it from external sources. As always, be mindful of downloads from unknown sources.

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