Fitness apps have become complicated. Except Shadow Running

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A lot of people use fitness apps to stay fit. That’s a good thing, as it helps you keep track of your efforts easily. However, a lot of these fitness apps have become too complicated. Some of them have really expensive monthly subscription rates. Therefore, any fitness app that is simple and easier to use than its competition will surely get your attention.

One of these simple fitness apps is Shadow Running. The purpose of this app is simple: record your run through GPS, then challenge yourself and your friends to beat your score. When you run, you can get audio hints to let you know how much time you are leading by or running behind. You win trophies when you beat the high apps

Shadow Running is available on Google Play Store. However, it is not available for download in every country yet. I think this is a great app which is worth waiting for. It looks like one of the easiest fitness apps to use out there.


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