Five outstanding things about the Lumia 830 and one that sucks

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The Nokia Lumia 830 can be described as a “budget flagship” running Windows Phone OS. It is not the most powerful or most expensive Windows Phone smartphone out there. But it provides a well rounded experience of what Microsoft’s ecosystem has to offer. Here are five things that I love about it and one that irks me badly.

Windows 10 mobile on Lumia 830

The Good Stuff

  1. The size and design: With a 5-inch display and very slim profile, the Lumia 830 is very comfortable in the hand. One-handed use is easy too. The 830 is gorgeous to look at and to hold. The Gold Edition is particularly stunning.
  2. The display: The display is beautiful and clear. And it is very nice to touch. Sensitivity is superb.
  3. The loudspeaker: The audio reproduction of the builtin loudspeaker (while only mono) is really rich.
  4. The camera: What we have here is a 10 megapixel camera with ZEISS optics, LED flash and optical image stabilisation. Does it produce really good photos? Yes; it does. Plus, there is a hardware shutter button so selfies with the main camera are more convenient.
  5. The OS: Windows Phone 8.1 runs smooth on the 830. The user interface is nice. But I have gone a step further and installed Windows 10 Mobile Preview on it – resulting in a whole new refreshing experience. W10M is even sleeker and smoother and a joy to use.

The Bad Stuff

  1. The back cover: It is plastic, flimsy and doesn’t fit perfectly. The upper edges keep popping out.


  1. Why are the Rams in lumia devices smaller than other Os. I have noticed this trend

  2. Not all. Windows Phone and iOS are similar in terms of resource management. Both do not require the kind of huge resources that Android and BB10 do to run smooth. So, you will find that WP doesn’t need tons of GHz processors and RAM to run well.

  3. Humans can never bee satisfied and nothing can ever be perfect.

    One thing cannot ruin the whole 5. Its just another bad thing about the phone. Shikena.

    The other good things stand

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