Five Reasons Why I’m Better Off On The Etisalat Network For Now!

etisalat19 months after being granted a Unified Access License by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and launching the 0809uchoose campaign, Etisalat Nigeria rolled out their services in 7 major cities across Nigeria and have continued to expand at a fast rate.

After careful analysis of their offers, I got myself a SIM and I’ve been hooked ever since. The reasons aren’t too farfetched.

  1. At N30/minute (EasyCliq) and N24/minute (Easy Starter HomeZone), they offer the LOWEST OFF-NET TARIFFS amongst all the functional GSM providers. I basically make most of my calls (ON-NET & OFF-NET) on my Etisalat line because it’s way cheaper, with the exception of GLO 2 GLO calls, which are currently, pegged at N18/minute based on an ongoing promo.
  2. SMS communication is cheaper at the rate of N5 to Etisalat Networks and N10 to other networks. Other networks charge N15 for off-net textmessages. On Etisalat, I also get one free SMS for every two that I send 😉
  3. On the EasyCliq plan, for every N500 I spend on making calls and texting each month, I’m assured of 3MB OF FREE INTERNET DATA, as well as the occasional free SMS and free talk minutes. Though 3MB looks small, it goes a long way for checking my emails and Facebook while on the road. Of course Opera Mini is needed so as not to waste the bandwidth 😉
  4. I rarely get the annoying “NUMBER NOT AVAILABLE/UNREACHABLE” prompt while making calls on Etisalat and the calls are mostly crystal clear.
  5. Their Internet services though ridiculously priced and lacking 3G connection, are the most reliable in my opinion.

In the title of this entry, “Five Reasons Why I’m Better Off On The Etisalat Network For Now!”, the emphasis is on the phrase “for now“. I am probably enjoying the Etisalat network because they are still UNDER-SUBSCRIBED. Only time will tell if they can keep up the brilliant services as their active subscriber base grows.

Note: Coverage is still a bit shaky even in covered cities so I wouldn’t suggest you make Etisalat your primary telephone number.

I would be literally lost without my Etisalat line. What network’s services can’t you live without? Feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. I see no reason not to make etisalat your primary network- voice and data. Dumped glo for etisalat long time ago and haven’t looked back ever since.

    As regards their capability to manage a larger subscriber base i think they’ll perform just fine. Big ups to etisalat, they’ve brought about some change we need

  2. Another reason why I’m keeping my other lines (MTN and GLO) is because it would be somehow criminal to have my guys on MTN and GLO waste so much money calling me @ N42/minute or texting me @ N15/sms. LOL

  3. Funny, but we had a feature article in the works on why Etisalat and EasyCliq is currently the best deal in the market for prepaid subscribers. We have had to discard it because this article has covered the very points we had itemised.

  4. i completely disagree with you.Am based in Abuja but work in Delta state in the hinter land. I find it very convenient using glo in the day time and mtn at night while at work and at abuja. etisalat is not in existence where I work. It is simply not widespread and not cost effective for me at Abuja.

    Why will I spend #3000 on a 500MB monthly plan whereas glo offers me #6000 for a 3GB monthly day time data plan and mtn offers me another 3GB monthly data plan for #2500 and most importantly 3G data network services which are reliable as far as i am concerned in the area where i reside while etisalat offers 2.5 G services

  5. To get the best of ‘all’ worlds, combine networks intelligently (for calls/sms/data) so that you spend the least and still get the service. Choose the most cost-effective network for your data requirements, and the cheapest for your calls.

    For sms, there are several websites allowing smses to be sent for free (or close to free – e.g, N2.75k). If you have a data plan, take advantage of these sites and save yourself a bundle on ongoing bases…

  6. @Alireta: I guess I beat you guys to it 😉 lol

    @arumob: That’s d very reason why i said quote Coverage is still a bit shaky even in covered cities so I wouldn’t suggest you make Etisalat your primary telephone number.

    Besides it appears you are one of the few and rare folks who seem to ENJOYING MTN’s internet service. 😉

  7. @EyeBeeKay: My problem with those online SMS service providers is that they don’t offer Java applications from which you can access your account and send text messages without needing a computer each time, you want to send an SMS which by the way, I do a lot 😉

  8. Many rave reviews out there for Etisalat.

    Its draw backs are quite a few but worth mentioning;

    (i) If you travel a lot and by road, ditch Etisalat. Its road coverage is poor

    (ii) If you are a speed junkie on the net, ditch Etisalat. i must say though, the connection is almost rock solid but ‘slow’. if you enjoy minimal interaction with the net (plain old surfing and emailing) Etisalat is it. Other networks are notoriously unstable, but on their best behavior youtubers, streamers and uploaders will enjoy the speed.

    (iii) Connections in many state capitals are really really slow. My experience in Jalingo, Yola, Markurdi and Jos wasn’t as good as Abuja. And oh…not all parts of these cities are covered.

    (iii) Because the number of customers are less than other networks, you are less likely to benefit much from competitive on-net calls. You are likely not to have many of your buddies on Etisalat network.

    (iv) Etisalat has been dethroned as the King of ON NET calls. Glo rules that category for now.

    (v) Someone did mention that their data cost are not competitive.

    (vii) Because of the time and resources needed to develop a robust network (aka fiber network, microwave links, capacity etc) they have a hard time catching up and are very likely more vulnerable to to network down time arising from network congestion and lack of redundancies. You know the ‘hell’ Nigerian subscribers went through in the early years of GSM.

    I wish Etisalat well and hope their subscribers enjoy the service for as long as they are on the network.

    PS. I gave out my Etisalat sim two months ago.

  9. @ Udegbunam

    Yes oh. I should have done that. May be next time. I am getting frustrated with Zain enough to try out “7 Reasons Why I Don’t Gbadun Zain”.

  10. Eye bee kay
    Try this website for free sms. Register on and use for sending free sms to any gsm in nigeria, I’ve not tried sendind to CDMAs. I’m able to send 5 free sms per day through this site although the site claims to offer 30 a day.

  11. @Kay123, thank you for the I am aware of it.
    I use which server my needs perfectly.
    There is also : (N2.75k – cheapest I know of..)

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